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Punky Productions is a reality

Well it's hard to believe but I am now holding in my hands the 1st official business cards for Punky Productions. I am so excited to have an outside passion for photography, I actually had someone ask me if they could book me for the first week of Dec. 2008 (um yeah, not quite that busy just yet!!) So, slowly word is spreading that I do this and enjoy it. Hopefully people are happy with the results! In the next few days I will scan in my card to show it off!!!


Last night at hockey I scored my first goal, whoohoo!! It was truly an awesome feeling. We still ended up losing the game, but that didn't dampen my spirit. So that is me doing a little bragging!Also, I will be taking the pictures for the MGHA New Years Eve bash so I am totally stoked about that. It feels good that people ask me to do that,I probably would have taken pictures anyway but its nice to be "official photographer." I did order business cards the other day, they are pretty sweet! can't wait until they arrive.

Its been a while

This morning I thought rather than do some "house stuff" I would take the time to sit and drink my coffee and write a bit. The last few weeks, well okay last month, has been a blur. From looking at houses, to putting and offer in, then moving all took less than 2 months. Slightly different from my preconceived notions on house buying. Let's see, last weekend I had my first paid photography gig and my nights lately have been consumed by attempting to learn how to use Photoshop. I am thinking it might be good to take a class at the camera shop on this since I have no flippin clue what I am doing! I am trying to get my business name on the bottom, which I figured out how to do, but it won't save as anything but a Photoshop that is what I need to figure out before the end of the weekend. I need to turn in my pictures next week.Speaking of business, yesterday I mailed out the tax stuff for a sole-proprietorship which will make tax time much easier for the photogr…

Something to think about

for the bible tells me so go see this your eyes.


I have a ton to write, about the weekend visit with my folks and life in general. But I am physically and emotionally drained right now.

The care of a stranger

Yesterday at work one of the girls gave me a People Magizine from Nov.19th that had an article about a christian lady who's daughter committed suicide after struggling with being a lesbian. The mother name is Mary Lou and she origionally told her daughter that although she loved HER she felt being gay was a sin and she could not accept that. Mary Lou has a web site called teach ministries which is a wonderful site for anyone GLBT or their Allies.
So, I sent an email to their web site, asking for some help with my parents since they are also christian and struggling with this for quite a while. I recieved the most wonderful, caring letter back from Mary Lou within the hour! Tears just rolled down my cheeks as I read this at work..for the first time, I felt like someone "just like" my mother was wrapping their arms around me and saying it was okay, that they love me just the way I am.
Go visit them Teach Ministries

Well I have to get some stuff ready for my mom and dad's…

Some observations

In the last couple of days we have gotten a few inches of snow. I am not sure what the latest total is but I am assuming around 7-8 inches. Now, a month ago this would not have been much of an issue since my landlord took care of the driveway (and it was kind of short anyway) but now that we own our place guess who is out shoveling?! This weekend I am getting a snow blower but until that time, I must clear out the driveway on my own. I remember years ago when dad would get home from work and go out to do the driveway.. I thought it was so cool. Yeah, not so much. Cold perhaps...freezing at times..but not cool. Last night when I got home from work I shoveled for about and hour and then at 615am I had to start all over here are the things I was thinking of while shoveling:it's way to damn early and cold to be out heresuddenly 500$ seems like a bargain for a snow blowerwind pants, although keeps the snow off...not so much warmnow i know why the gloves i found were in the tr…


So my parents are coming for a visit in 3 days. As usual right now I am busy trying to choreograph the entire visit, trying to make sure they enjoy their visit, and allowing for time to hang out. This weekend is going to be slightly longer since they are coming on Friday and not leaving until Monday so they can watch the hockey game Sunday night. While they are here we will attend my work holiday function and do some work around the house. Sound pretty simple and nice right? Well that is where the kicker is… since they have STILL not met Loni (after 7 ½ years) they will not be in the same place as her at the same time. This usually causes me the anxiety since I do not want to ask Loni to leave her house and make sure my parents are not uncomfortable.

But, I am at a point that I am not sure what to do. I know my parents are set in their ways and their thinking, which I am not trying to change. But at what point can I say enough is enough!! How long will they continue to sit in their ju…

Ever Wondered...

Do you remember those books that would allow you to choose your adventure? If you wanted to explore something go to page 4 and if you wanted to do nothing turn to page 6?! Tonight I thought about my life and tried to think of what life would have been like had I made a different choice. What would have happened had I not been adopted into my family? What would it have been like if I had siblings? How would life had changed if I stayed at Ferris that 1 last year? What if I would have remained in Texas? Would things be different if I would have gone to Iraq? Recently I have felt that I was supposed to be in Madison, at this time, for a reason. I know I have met people here and had experiences that have changed and challenged me. Hopefully, I am a better person for these encounters. Perhaps I have made a difference with my life.


I decided to title this post broken because right now I feel like I have a broken spirit. Work has been stressing me out a lot, and next weekend we were having our formal function that I was asked to shoot the pictures for. Well today I found out that my work has found a way not to pay me for the event. Based on principle I told them they can stick it..their argument was that as a company they have some "rule" that will not allow an employee to benefit from such activities. Great argument, however, we have someone at work who's wife is our IT person on this not a violation of said rule? This benefits the one employee..I don't get it.
So, I am deeply disappointed by that, and have decided to forgo the event all together. It just so happens that my hockey team is having a jock auction that evening as well and now I am going to be able to go. I would rather hang out with my friends anyway!
With all that being said, it is just another thing at my job that is e…

Where has the time gone?!

That just made me feel like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean "why is the rum always gone?!" Seriously I don't know where the time went, moving has completely consumed my everyday life for about the last 3 weeks, however, it's all over now. Sometime this week I will head over to the apt to turn in the keys and kiss it goodbye, Friday we have to be gone. The cool thing is that on Sunday we cleaned the whole place so it's all done really..just have a TV to take to the house, but we didn't have a spot big enough at the moment so we figured that would give us a day or two. With that being said, the last week has been one of the most stressful I have had in a long time. I am disappointed in the vast amount of poor customer service individuals representing such major companies. Thanksgiving found us sitting in the living room of the new house, gathered around the TV for the football game. We were all sitting in any folding chair we could find. 1 plate shor…

The House

I really don't have time to post..its been too busy getting ready to move. Tomorrow morning we close at 9. Then everything is going to get busy, we have the Dish person, the TDS individual, and our refrigerator on the way. Hopefully before 10pm we can also get a kitchen table. Then we start moving on Thanksgiving. The realtor company was nice enough to include in our purchase a moving truck for free..all we have to do is put gas in it. To be honest, I have not slept well since Friday, eaten good in the last few days, or focused on anything in a week. My mind is racing too much and I have so much on mind right now. I will post more when things have settled down perhaps sat or Sunday. I am lucky enough to have some friends that want to help us out, for nothing in return but a little food. Since I am on call, I don't know how this will all work.. so of course I am stressing about that too!Can't believe in 12 hours I am going to be a homeowner!

Over a cup of coffee

So, this morning I sat at my computer with my cup of coffee, surfing various blogs and web sites,  as I always do in the morning. I read the deep thoughts and ramblings of people I know and complete strangers and wondered about their lives. I really wish I had the ability to convey my thoughts the way some of these people do. But I will have to settle for the style that I blog in.Anyway, I came across this article about a student hugging another one at school. Now, I know it was a while ago but I remember giving hugs to my friends all the time in high school. It was almost like passing notes, you just did that. Can you imagine just giving you friend a hug or holding hands with someone can get you punished?! Seriously, wtf is going on in the school system.Kids are not allowed to show any type of affection for each other now? Where are they going to learn this? I remember as a kid getting spanked with a paddle or belt, hugging my friends, holding hands down the hallway, it was part of b…

need some help

Does anyone have, or know of anyone giving away their Photoshop? I am in need of this and cannot afford the ridiculous price that it is set at.


i know..not a catchy title or anything. But something just occurred to me as I was packing for the big move. Since House died I have always, without question, had a picture frame with some things in it, my 3 medals from his race, and my shoes. Thankfully Loni has never given me a hard time about this. But, as I am dreaming of how I will arrange the new house I am not thinking of furniture or placement of "stuff" but of where I will hang these items in the new house.Strange how we think about things, even though those people are gone and the things that we have is just small reminders of who they were to us, what they meant, it's just things.Anyway, I think the hallway will be perfect, he would have liked the new house.

Whirlwind Life

Well, after our tour of homes on Sunday there was one that stood out above the others, so on Tuesday night we took Loni's mom through with our realtor. I wanted my dad to be able walk through with me but, in his absence another parent would do. Anyway, we decided to meet on Wed night and submit an offer on the house and give the seller 24 hours to decide. Wednesday night I could hardly sleep, I tossed and turned all night. I was scared he would take our offer, scared he would not, afraid that there wouldn't be another house like this! Thursday morning I got a phone call that he countered our offer, and if we accepted his counter, the house would be ours. So by 4pm yesterday, I bought a house! AHH!! We close on the house Nov 21 and move in on Thanksgiving day. Fortunately, I have some friends that are choosing to help us move that day so we can get it all done in 1 day. I am lucky to have such helpful folks in my life!I can't believe it, looking at a house, bidding and mov…

It's been a while

I realized today that it has been a while since I have written anything on here so I thought I would catch up on the past few days.Hockey has been awesome! I don't really know how to put it into words, it was a lifesaver for me. It has given me something to be a part of again, I didn't realize just how much I missed being an athlete. I find myself striving to be better..although I find myself striving for that in almost everything now days. It is extremely scary to try something new, to branch out from your comfort zone and put oneself out there. But the people I have meet are such wonderful individuals, folks I have probably seen over the years but never talked to before. The house buying process is interesting, we looked at 6 homes on Sunday, only 1 or 2 decent ones. In fact I drove by 1 of them again tonight, just to get a feel in the dark. I actually like this one, but I don't want to make a rush decision and just like the one I saw first. So, by nature, my lack of dec…

Either Get Movin or Life Will Pass You Buy

Things have been rather nuts lately, taking a lot of call, playing hockey, working new hours that I don't like. I need about 10 more hours a day and a few extra days a week! But in all hustle and bustle where does time go? This weekend I am going to Great America with some hockey players which I am very excited about. I absolutely LOVE roller coasters and do not get to indulge in this very often. Anyway, extremely excited here!!Sunday is another exciting day for me, going out with the realtor to look at houses. I think we have about 4 places lined up so far it will be busy. Then I have the late game for hockey. Last week's hockey game was a blast! I am so thankful for the events that led up to me joining. It's hard to believe that last year at this time I had just started what was to become my final year of college (oh yeah 12 years!!) and trying to decide how to buy a bike for the Aids ride. Now, 1 year later I have my first act ride under my belt, my first hockey season …

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Today is the kind of day that I guess I should have just stayed in bed! It actually all started this weekend when some little felon broke into one of our cars and stole a wallet. Fortunately, they were not smart enough to open the trunk where there was a hunting bow among other things.  So, yesterday morning was spent calling the bank and various other credit agencies putting fraud alerts out and closing accounts. So all seemed to be okay by last night...that was until it was time to get ready for work this morning. First there was no hot water, can't be that hard to light the pilot light right? So I mosey out there in my robe with my mag light (I know what your thinking, I looked SO cute!) Rather than trying to figure out how to light the damn thing, I notice a lovely leak flowing freely from a pipe. Not a big deal I say, call the landlord. Since he lives upstairs, I can hear exactly where he is in the house so not a problem I give him a call.My landlord being the handyman that h…

I had the strangest dream

I thought I would write this down before I forgot anything. It was very vivid and felt almost real! I was on the Act ride I believe, we were all in a field at a pit stop. Scanning the faces around me, some were easily recognizable, so were people from hockey and others I know that I knew, however, I don't know their names. Somehow I knew we were being held hostage because there was a woman that was ordering me around that I really did not like. I kept glaring at her and plotting ways to overthrow her control on us. As we were being led into an area to put our lunches I noticed that it was getting significantly colder. When we entered the next room we were standing before a huge iceberg floating in a pond (think of the zoo), and then all of us were walking around on it. This was where I was able to put some names to the faces, I think my old roommate Dawn was out there, Gerry, Bri, Paula. Those guys were all out in the water, almost swimming around, and the rest of us were way up o…

Another Assignment

Well I was asked again tonight to do another shoot for Our Lives Magazine, which I am completely stoked about! This time, I will get to go down State Street so at least there is not a long drive. I am sure that this shoot will take me a full day since I tend to people watch a lot and enjoy my time down on state street. There are 7 places I can choose to visit, and most of them are new to me so this will be a riot.In other news, Sunday night is the first game for hockey. Last week we were able to take the ice with our teams and practice for a little while. I must admit, I felt so lost out there! But I know with each week we will improve and learn how to be more efficient out there. I am somewhat interested in learning defense, but I think my skating skills need to improve first. I just don't need the glory of scoring, however, I like the idea of protecting the goal. But time will tell!!

One giant leap for us

I just walked in the door from meeting with a realtor, and we are starting to look for a house. This was something that I have wanted for a long time, yet somehow I didn't think I would ever be at that point. I remember saying right before we walked in that I was very nervous, as soon as I met Sherry that instantly melted those butterflies away. As we got back into the car, we looked at each other and the only thing we said was "here we go." To think that I can have my own driveway, with my own one to hear climb up their stairs, or pissing in the toilet!! A place that I can call my own, and it is the biggest decision I have ever made. I have wondered if we will be treated like every other couple looking for a home of their own. With that being said, our real estate agent is a little firecracker! She is a take no crap, take down names and keep movin kind of lady. I think she will be the perfect to help us choose our starter home. She has promised this to be a fu…

A Thought Provoking Day

Today was a journey into my own mind, and the Starved Rock State Park in IL. We walked over 6 miles of some of the most beautiful, thought-provoking  scenery I have seen in a long time. Although it was my folks and I, we would run into people along the trails, have a chance to climb some canyons and just take in the beauty of nature. But along the way, we would have to stop so my dad could take some breaks and I began to think again. I am fortunate to have my father in my life, even in it's limited capacity, and I treasure this relationship. For 30 years he has been the man in my life, my voice of wisdom and strength. But today I began to see the tides turning. Although I have before thought about what it will be like someday without my father, today I actually pondered those thoughts. I found myself taking an exorbitant amount of pictures just to capture these moments for myself. I hope that is not too selfish. So now I sit here in the dark, very thankful that I had a great day w…

My Memory

This time of year one hears a lot about national coming out day which happens to fall this week. So I decided that it would be a good time to share my story as well. I spent the day yesterday retracing my first few months in Madison down on State Street. When I first moved here I really did not have anywhere to go and I certainly didn't know anyone, so I would spend hours walking down the street and watching people. Many times I would sit and write or read, I find that this was one of the most creative periods of my life. Anyway, it amazed me then, and I felt it yesterday, that even around so many people a person can feel so alone. I knew long ago that I was gay, I would say early teens. Unfortunately, where I grew up and in my family, being gay was one of the biggest taboos that one could be. Growing up in such a religious family and area, diversity was not high on the list of things encouraged. When I finally accepted myself I was resigned to the fact that I would never, ever, u…

Track star Marion Jones admits doping before 2000 Sydney Games - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports

Track star Marion Jones admits doping before 2000 Sydney Games - Olympics - Yahoo! SportsGrowing up I admired women like Jackie Joyner Kersee and Florence Griffith Joyner aka Flo Jo. These women were the track stars that I wanted to be like some day. Their blazing records and pictures I would plaster on my walls and talk about at track practice. I remember watching the Olympics late at night, dreaming of my day in the lights.I can only imagine the kids of today that looked up to their hero Marion Jones. It is sad that girls don't have that to look up to anymore.The normal "everyday" woman will have to start showing kids that everyone can be a hero. By having a sponsorship with Nike or Adidas does not mean you are deserving of respect or honor.

Who Would I Be?

So is it wrong that I am wishing it was Friday and it is only Monday night?! I have just been in this funk lately and I am trying to pull myself up and out of it. Nothing seems to be working though, hopefully this is just momentary pause in life to pay attention to my surroundings and to help steer me in the right direction. Not that she reads my musings on here but my cousin Manda had a baby yesterday. Congratulations!!That actually had me thinking just now..where would I be if I never left the Jenison MI area.. would I also be married with children of my own?! Is that the life that "would have been" had I not been able to find myself? I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, you make choices, meet people and have certain events happen in your life for a purpose. What would I say to myself if I could go back in time. Would I make the same choices if I knew the outcomes? Would I just tell myself that I would be alright, that there is a light at the end of the tu…

On My Mind

I was not intending to get up and write on here first thing this morning. Something has been weighing on my mind lately, and perhaps it is just because I am feeling worn out and just tired. I feel like I am living to work these days and not working to live. I love what I do for a job, helping restore people's sight is a wonderful reason to get up in the morning. But with the amount of on-call, coordination and regular work I am just losing steam. I know I am getting worn out because I am getting sick more often and I usually have an immune system like a tank. But what do you do? When does a job go from simply work to something you enjoy and look forward to? I am so envious of people that just LOVE their jobs, they enjoy going to work every day. I have not had that in many years. The best job I ever had was when I was working at a cell phone company call center. It allowed me to stretch my imagination, move around throughout the company and challenge myself in new roles. Unfortunat…


Ever have one of those days that you are surrounded by people yet feel completely alone, like you are observing life instead of living?!The house is full of people, yet nobody's home. everybody's here and I'm all alone calling out your name, but there's no answer.Perhaps it's the weather, kind of gray and rainy, a stay in bed kind of day. It is actually put me in a mood to write again. There have been bits-n-pieces of my poems swirling around my brain lately.


In one word that is how I would describe how I felt taking the ice for skills practice today. Not excited, nervous or scared, just plain petrified. My knees were literally shaking. I have never been in that type of situation in relation to an athletic adventure before. When I initially looked at the breakdown of individuals in my group for the skills clinics I was nervous because most of the names I did not recognize. I had gotten so used to certain faces on the ice each week it was hard to believe that was an entirely different group that would be out there. So once again I found myself trying to look for friendly faces only to find more apprehension in their own. Fortunately, when the first group was done Tim sat next to me and shared that he felt the same way when he started. It was nice to know that others have felt the same as I was today. But once we hit the ice it was a completely different ball game. I went from petrified to humbled very quickly. The skills I thought I had a h…

So another day winds down

I thought today was going to be a great day, having the drive out to Sauk for the magazine shoot, which went really well..then some hockey and ending the day with work. Once I got back to Madison I was really looking forward to hockey. But, since it was game day downtown was NUTS! I could not find a place to park and got so frustrated after 1/2 hour I ended up driving back home. I think that set the tone for the rest of the day because I just feel kind of blah! Not in the mood to do much, nor am I all together happy today..just blah!

Reason, Season, or A Lifetime

Have you ever heard the saying that people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime? I think I have had a lot of that happening lately, sort of fate smackin you in the face with something. With the Aids Ride and now Hockey I feel that I have met some pretty special people, and it feels like I met them when I was supposed to met them. Does that make any sense? Here is an example. I am enjoying the "budding photographer" title now, wrapping my arms around a fun hobby that I would love to turn into something a little more. So a girl at work asks me one day to shoot her wedding next year. Um, are you sure? Was my reply. But I did say yes! The next incident was meeting Patrick on the hockey team. He is a super sweet guy that seems to have some strong business sense. While we were hanging out on Saturday night he was telling me about a magazine that he has just started up. The first of it's kind that has no alcohol or sex ads in them! Anyway, the magazine is call…

The Scary Part About Parents

Most people that have known me for a while have learned that I have parents slightly older than most. My father is going on 73, and mom turns 60 tomorrow (Happy Birthday Mom!) Over the years I have come to understand that eventually they will age, and I will begin to worry about their health or their well being. I can already see this happening as they make certain purchases and decide to call me first or they call to ask my opinion. I was also reminded of this when almost 2 years ago I had to take an emergency flight to Pensacola Fl. where my dad was going to have a quadruple bypass. So, this morning while I get a phone call from my mom.. she said "I don't suppose your dad told you I fell yesterday." Now you would have to know my mom to understand why this scared me a little bit. 1. Mom is one of the healthiest people I know. She has taken vitamins most of my life, and she is just usually healthy- never sick2. She has only been "injured" 1 time that I can real…

You have got to work at it

What makes two people enter into a relationship? And for that matter what makes them stay in it? How do you have people that have been together or married for decades? Even my own parents are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary. So what is that key, the glue that keeps these people together while others can't seem to last long enough to meet the family?! Is it that couples start learning everything about each other and no longer share any new or exciting experiences? Or perhaps the goals have shifted from thinking of a way to impress your partner and now everyone is so tired at the end of the day its just time to go to bed...for sleep.How do you keep that flirtation feeling? How do you start to re-appreciate your partner and those qualities that made you fall in love in the first place. I think the best answer that I have have got to work at it. Being in a relationship is not easy, and there might be times that you wonder what you are doing..if you are still happ…

All by Myself

I know you are singing the song right?! ha! Every now and then I like to just do some things by myself. "Jenn time" as I call it, perhaps its from being an only child and I learned to have a creative imagination because I was always with adults or just used to having my own space. But my time alone is almost as important as time spent with those that I love. So I think I am going on a date with myself at some point this weekend, dinner (Pho) and a movie (new Jodie Foster flick... The Brave One) It really doesn't get any better let me tell ya!Quiet time to reflect on life and things going on in life is so important. I don't think we as a society ever find enough time to reflect. We are so busy trying to get from point A to point B faster, more efficiently that we do not stop to observe the moments that are happening around us each day. And before you know it, the moment has passed you by.


I am so excited it's Friday! I am a little upset about the fact that I will be working 930-6pm every Friday this month however, it's better than working later that's for sure! I don't have a ton planned for the weekend although time seems to slip away faster on Saturday or Sunday than any other day during the week. But I am looking forward to our Stick Taping Party on Sunday. This is our last event (or first one depending on how you look at it) before next Sunday our skills clinics start. Should be great! I am trying to find some time to go for Pho this weekend as well..looking for a good excuse to get out to the west side..might not be that tough tomorrow.TGIF...make it a good one.

I know how to stop!!

okay I know that is it somewhat silly that I would be posting something about being able to stop on the ice but I am very excited tonight. I came prepared, wearing some running pants with my shin guards underneath. It began with some direction from my fellow team members on sliding this foot and sliding that one, attempting to figure out which foot should be my anchor skate. After some initial reluctant tries, and of course some spills..I was able to get a stop out..then another..and soon I was going all around the rink stopping on each line. Now, you won't see the huge arch of ice as I stop quickly..and there might be a slight wobble..but I can at least stop!! And after our ice time, I got a a couple of hugs from some great guys and that ended my night wonderfully! I think people are right, this is a great group of people!!

Yesterday was such a good day

Typical day of course..a "honey-do-list" that needed to be finished...but then I got a call from Loni to go up to grandpa and grandma's to see Hunter and Kelsey. With an offer like that how can one refuse?!  Anyway, we brought the kids a ton of clothes for school which they were pretty excited about. We had a ball up there as usual, in fact grandpa was quite sassy!!Once we got home it was time to head off to the ice rink for some hockey skating. It was a date for Meet the MGHA at the Shell. I asked Loni to come along, figuring that either she wouldn't come at all, or would not really want to skate. Boy was I wrong! I knew she had not been ice skating so this would be a new experience for her, and I am so new to skating myself I figured we would never get around the rink. She was a natural, and even was helping me learn how to skate backwards. I think we have a new hockey player once she is done with school!!Anyway, off to do some of my list..suppose I should try to g…

A memory

Today when I turned on the news I saw that Luciano Pavarotti died this morning. Now I am not a big opera fan - but what caught my eye was that he had pancreatic cancer. Ironically, 13 years ago Sept 17th I lost one of my greatest mentors in life to pancreatic cancer. Jon Houseward was one of the best men I have ever known and I never realized how much of an impact he would have on my life. House, as we called him , and I met my freshman year in high school as I tried out for the track team. He was the head coach for the team and my first impression of him was this very tall guy, with no hair and a wonderful smile. He knew just how to push me, knowing just what to say and when to say it.At track meets he would be found running around the track, end to end cheering on his runners. If the weather was bad he was always in his full yellow slicker, you could spot him and his clipboard anywhere. No matter how a runner did, he was the first one at the finish line with his arm wrapped around y…

I am no Wayne Gretzky but...

I am very proud of myself. I said I was going to go, and I showed up and skated the ice for the full hour. I do have a blister on my foot to prove it but I stayed in the upright position the entire time! Anyway, that is my way to go for the week!! I was able to go out last Thursday with my mentor to get all of my gear and was surprised and touched by the generous donation of gear some other gals had donated to us. It was very nice, both as a new player and financially to be able to afford the amount of gear needed. Hockey, like cycling, is not a cheap sport. I am quite proud of the way that MGHA has worked to keep our costs as low as they can possibly be. So on the list of things that I am shocked that I have done or my "moments" Join the Army and survive basicComplete Act 5 Aids RideGet on the iceGetting my new photography business up and runningMaking family out of friendsI am proud of each one of these things, the Act ride, and Hockey have come along at the right time in …

Giving it a try

So I might be giving my hand at some photography. I have been asked to do a wedding for a girl at work..sweet thing, I want to do a good job for her. But I am actually very excited, it would be fun to have a side business like that, although I must admit I have so much to learn.I am in need of someone that can draw well to design my logo, I am going to register my name and logo and we'll see where it goes from there. The Camera Company in town and local college offer some photography classes that I am going to be checking out in the near future. So if anyone knows someone that can draw let me know!

Mommas got to have a root canal

yeah not happy about that. Okay I am petrified about that. I made a lot of phone calls on the way home last night to people that have had these, according to them it's a piece of cake. Now I rather like cake, it's the frosting that I enjoy the most but whatever, cake makes me smile. Dentist? not so much! And, because I already had the day after labor day off (needed a Jenn day) guess when I am I having this darn got it, on my day off! grr!!However, to make my day slightly better, I did just get an email that we have a gear package for hockey so I just need to put my order in and get trying on stuff. So, I am very excited about that, however, slightly nervous. Thankfully I have a wonderful mentor Lora to help me out! Let the fun begin!!


I get sick about 1 time a year, last year I was fortunate not to get sick that I recall but I did have my all-in-one-day surgery followed by car accident so I counted that as my "sick" time last year. Anyway, I have spent a lot of today laying on the couch, sandwiched by my dogs, them sleeping and me trying really hard to get some rest. Only bothered by the fact that I wanted the fly that snuck in the house to leave me the hell alone and knowing that at 6pm I would have to start working until 6am Monday morning. ugh!Last weekend was the Brewers game, now typically I am so excited about this, but last week was just not into it. That only became worse as the game went on. People are just rude..and I mean inconsiderate impolite, jerks, whatever you call them. Our seats were not too bad, right where the upper deck starts, by the 3rd base line..however I spent most of the game trying to see around the guy sitting in front of me. Now if he really sat most of the time it might not …

Ugh..hope I am not getting sick

Okay so this afternoon I was thinking my throat was slightly raspy, you know that husky voice that one gets which is kinda hot until you realize your throat is getting sore. And now, I just got done drinking coffee because I can't hardly swallow..lovely! This is going to be a fun weekend I can see.. good news is that tomorrow is Friday, I work 6am-230pm and I can rest for a little bit until the get together at Ginza. Think its time for bed...ugh!!

Last night

Last night I had a nightmare..your bone rattling, vivid, when you wake up in the morning you feel like you should call some people kind of dream. Maybe it has to do with the storms that have been rolling through lately, for a person that is afraid of thunder and lightning I have been getting a little too much exposure to it lately!! In fact I will be interested to see what roads will be closed on my way to work again today, it's so flooded around here! In fact, while 3 people were waiting for the bus around the corner from my work last night, lightning struck, dropped a power line into the water that they were standing in and killed them. Can you imagine?! We are supposed to get more rain today, I just hope it lets up soon..good thing the Act ride wasn't during this!On a side note, I am thinking about joining a gym again. I want to go for all the reasons everyone else wants to go but I hate the gym atmosphere. I used to belong to a huge gym in town but I found myself almost ha…

It's been a while

Things have been super busy lately, work has been super stressful, per the norm. That is getting to be old news though. This weekend shouldn't be too bad Friday night there is a party for my friends birthday at Ginza east and Sat. I am going out for Pho. My favorite Vietnamese soup on the west side of town, Pho is my treat for myself. Although occasionally I have a brave soul that will come eat with me, usually it is just me. Then, for my Lion's club I will be working the Town of Burke picnic flipping burgers until 6pm when I have to coordinate for work. Of course Sunday I am on call so it's anyone's guess as to how busy I will be.I am also looking ahead a little bit to the day when I begin hockey. Of course I still have no idea what I am getting myself into, but it should be a blast!! Although anyone old enough to remember the Charmin commercial from 10 years ago had that little boy that loaded up his pants with the tp to protect his behind from falling...yeah feeling…

Life Frustrations

So I tend to get bored quite easily..especially jobs. I think that's why I like jobs that you can move around in positions and climb up or over the proverbial ladder. I just feel that there must be something more for my life...there has to be more of a purpose. I just wish I knew what it was...that has me very frustrated at the moment. I like my job now, it has its rewards, and I work with some great people- but we have so many issues to deal with and I don't know if I have the energy to put into it now. It been very stressful the last few weeks.

Life List

Inspired by Ellen I have thought of what my life list is, the things I want to do in my life. By writing them down, they can go from wish list --> to do list!Participate in the Act rides for AIDS  done 8/07 Travel to England Write a book Hike the Grand Canyon Buy a house Rock climb Learn to Scuba Dive Run a half marathon Participate in the Gay OlympicsMore to come I am sure..this will be a work in progress I think


I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about life. I have been very proud of myself for being a part of the Act 5 ride, it was one of those personal challenges that I heard from some people "I will believe it when I see it." But it was about doing something bigger than myself, about doing something that has a purpose to it.  For 12 years I have been living life and attempting to finish school, all for a degree that I will never use, however, just the accomplishment of it. But that was it, work and school, who has time for anything else. But now that I am done with school I am still searching for that thing, that something that I can identify myself with. I don't have an urge to go out to bars and party, but I need something. I am getting restless. This is what I am hoping that hockey can fill. It will give me into sports again which I miss tremendously. I would never have considered hockey without meeting some of the players on the ride. I am nervous but excited to c…

Great video

Here is a video about the Act 5 Aids ride..shows  you a little about what it was like for

Madison Hockey

So I have met some girls while on the ride so they have convinced me that I need to play hockey. Hmm..have I ever played the sport you ask? NOPE! But I am the newest member of team Thunder!! I am excited to learn a new sport and learn all I can about hockey. So if anyone has any tips I am open to them!! So off to find some gear!

The Ride

It's amazing to think that 1 week ago right now I was on day two of the ride. I wrote up a short letter to describe just how the ride was. Thank you to everyone that sent me messages while I was out there. Of the 150 riders, 80 of us have already signed up for next yet. And together we raised $287,000!!!Last week I did an amazing thing. On Thursday morning I became part of a wonderful, life changing event that is truly something that I am proud of. They have told me that being a part of Act 5, the Wisconsin AIDS bike ride would change me, yet, I never realized just how true this would be. Initially the idea of riding 300 miles in 4 days on my bike was something that just sounded impossible. In fact, Thursday morning it still seemed hard to believe that I would soon be zipping around Wisconsin on 2 wheels powered by my body, a lot of love, and just pure grit. For me, this journey began 1 year ago when I picked up the newspaper and looked at the picture of closing ceremonies of Act…

Aids Ride

Well we are back home, 306 miles in 4 days and what an amazing adventure for such a good cause. I am truly touched by the human spirit and the willingness to do something extraordinary for people you don't know. I will post more later when I can feel my arms again :O) It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I received more than I thought I ever would- and of course I signed up to ride again next year. I truly believe that each of us can make a difference. Change your life, Change your world.

Big week this week

Well it is the day before the AIDS Ride, I must admit I am getting nervous. I had today off of work to run last min. errands, pack my cycling gear and mentaly prepare for what lays ahead of me. I am creating a few playlists for the ride on my ipod, not sure if I will use them during the ride or just after we get into camp at night, who knows. I have about 4 hours until I have to do the pre-ride stuff, register, get my number, and then watch the saftey video. I will also turn in a few last min, pledges that came in about 8pm last night. I must say as I look back on this year of talking about it, thinking about it and then doing the training and fundraising it has been quite a process. I am utterly amazed at some people's generosity, just when you think someone will not do something a check is in the mail, or an email of encouragement, just when you need it the most. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to meet the goal of raising $1,100 but I have done it!

Paris Hilton loses inheritance |

Paris Hilton loses inheritance | I say that I am actually pleased with a Hilton?? I think that perhaps jail time was not enough, and hopefully knowing you are out $60 million will finally do the trick. Well done sir!

Lazy Sunday

So I have been playing with my new camera on an off for the last month. Trying to learn all the fun things it has to offer. Yesterday I even went into a camera shop and inquired about classes that they offer. I love using my camera, although I am sure I can get annoying with it from time to time, but the dogs are great test subjects, they haven't complained too much :O) I am testing out the black and white feature now, and I must admit I even like that better! Here are a few pictures of the dogs and from the air show from Friday!

Pilot Dies In Plane Collision At EAA In Oshkosh - WFRV Green Bay: Northeast Wisconsin News, Weather and Sports

Pilot Dies In Plane Collision At EAA In Oshkosh - WFRV Green Bay: Northeast Wisconsin News, Weather and SportsOkay so I was there today, enjoying my day and gearing up for the air show. Which evidently at EAA they have this new rule for the chairs that we set up, either hold it or fold it. I am not kidding! Loni got up to get a root beer float and the lady came over right away and told me that either I need to physically have a hand on that chair (while she was touching my stuff in the chair) or she would just fold it down for me. Now mind you, we had a couple bottles of water in it at the time and a camera bag, sitting in some mud from the vast amounts of rain from last evening. So, she wants to put that on the ground?! I don't think so lady, anyway, I think it was an eternity until Loni returned and I had to keep my hand on the chair...grr. So, our other main grip is that usually we sit by some rude individuals that either stand up, or have umbrellas. If it's 90 and sunny, o…


Well I did it, a whole weekend of Potter and it is all over. Friday night I went to the Boarders bookstore about 930 at night and waited as hundreds of people filed in...many of whom were dressed up! At 10 min to midnight they drew for the first book of the night, I didn't get it, and then we began to line up for our books. I was in the second group but they lined us up in groups of 50 by our color wristbands. I didn't realize that there were 300 people in front of me :O) But by 1230am I was in line to check out with my book and happily went home. Because I had a call the night before and didn't get much sleep, along with the pure excitement of the evening I didn't make it much past 2am before I realized I had to put the book away and get a few hours of sleep. I got up early Sat. morning and continued reading until mid afternoon when we took a break to go to Maxwell Street days with Mel, then it was home to continue on the book until about 11pm. Sunday morning I was up…

Potter Party

Okay, here I sit, just got done with dinner (watching a wonderful episode of Iron Chef) and preparing for a wonderful evening at my local bookstore for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am excited, I have been going on about this at work for a while now. Not only did I get to have a wonderful time seeing the 5th movie last weekend, but now to become engrossed again in a book that just captures my imagination so much. Because I have been an avid book reader since childhood, few authors or books have captured my attention like the Harry Potter series. I love watching parents reading to and with their children, people in wonderful debates about the characters and engaged in reading. At lunch time today I went to the bookstore and got my wristband for tonight's festivities. I got a silver (that would be group 2) number 3. So essentially I was the 153rd person this morning to stop by for my place in line. I should have my book by 1220am. I know for myself, I am set…

Harry Potter

After much waiting since the Tues midnight opening, I got to see Harry Potter today. I must say I was very pleased at the direction that they have gone with these movies. They have kept very close to the books but of course have used some licensing for themselves, but they have done a great job. I also enjoyed the flashbacks during the move that showed just how much these "kids" have grown over the past 5 movies.There were some great laughs just as I have come to expect from certain characters and the usual teenage angst that you could not pay me to revisit! The movie had a strong theme in not always being stronger by yourself, that true love and friendship are worth more than power and control.I also was able to go see the movie on IMAX which has 20 min of 3-D which was sweet! The story is coming to a close, and I know the fate of the characters in book 6 but I will be in line next Friday at midnight for book 7!!

Testing the new Windows Live Writer

Okay, according to Shawn, blogging is just not the same without this so I am giving it a whirl...hope it works :O)
I cannot believe I am sitting back in my living room again. What a week, it's been a lot of fun, and I am very tired now. I had the chance to see some old friends and some family. Let's see, rolled into town on Tuesday night and spent a few hours chatting with mom and dad before turning in. Wednesday we weren't sure what the weather would do, supposedly it was going to rain, so we went into Holland and I toured my parents new condo, went to visit their antique mall and grabbed some lunch before heading back to Sandy Pines. I was quite impressed with the condo and I must say it's nice knowing that they are only just down the road from a lot of family. We had some great fireworks at Sandy Pines, they do quite a show for a resort that size, people come from all over!
On Thurs I met Jen, someone I have know for over 25 years, hard to believe it's been that long. But, what I love about Jen is that either one of us can pick up the phone and talk like we haven't missed…

Busy Week

Well this will be a busy week..I have been packing for Michigan today and I am quite excited to be going on Tues after work. This will be a great training event as well as seeing some family and friends.
School was FINALLY over on Thurs, I had to turn in my senior project paper which was 18 pages and did a 20 min PowerPoint presentation. But I actually just opened up my grades from my online class and I did manage to pull out a B, which is not stellar by any means but by this point I was settling for passing :O) Now I just have to wait on the grades from my senior project so that will be interesting to see what happens there.
I start my funky work schedule this week as well so we will see how that goes, not happy about the 10-630 tomorrow night and 6-230 on tues but that's what happens...however, I do have a purchase of the Canon Rebel XT tomorrow evening, so I am excited about that. It will be fun to test it out on vacation!

Today it's over

Well in 12 hours from right now, this very minuet, I will be done with school. 12 years from the beginning of this journey that started at Ferris State University in Big Rapids Michigan. Who knew I would be in Madison WI now.. feels strange in a way. Don't get me wrong, I will not miss the straight-from-work dive-right-into-school life I have lead for the last year. Granted all that that hard work got me on the Dean's list as well which is another first! But I will not miss the 10 page pagers for each class, and my inability to work on them DURING the 8 weeks, always doing them the night before. Must be a true student talking.
In fact, with the exception to planning my trip to MI right now, I don't know what I will do with all of my extra time. Perhaps I will get to putting the laundry away in a more timely fashion, or putting away the dishes every night. That's what I hope, it's a new beginning, it's nice to be done. Now it's time to start living, oh yeah,…


I am so glad it's day of the week IMHO. We have had everyone at the office out attending the EBAA meeting in AZ all week except for 3 of us so we have been swamped, it will be in to see them all back next week. On the down side, I was just getting used to the quiet around work without them there!
Tonight is tattoo night, which I am thrilled about as usual. We are taking my sister-in-law's mother for her first one too so I think this will be a stitch!
So, I have 6 days of class' left but this will be the most stressful of this term. I have SO much homework to do for 1 class, including writing a 10 page paper, taking a final and my usual work. Then there is the senior project that is due on Thursday. I think I am ready, well almost, I have about 12 pages written so I can whip up another 3-8 tomorrow I think. My power point presentation is ready to go. So, I will be spending the entire day at a bookstore tomorrow and try to get it all done. I am on call this weeken…

Mid Saturday Thought

So I was on my way in to do some stuff at work today and I was letting my mind wander (and they think cell phones are dangerous) and I was reflecting on my dad, how fitting with Fathers Day this weekend. I am really excited to hang out in MI in a few weeks, it's been a long time! I am seeing a few of my family members, otherwise it's just me, my bike and my folks. I am going to hopefully get to spend some time with my friend Jen, I can't believe we have been friends for about 25 years, crazy! I am sure a couple of my cousins will be out for the 4th of July at Sandy Pines, and I am hoping to get coffee/lunch with my cousins Kim and Shawn. I am getting my laptop ready to learn some scrapping. I am getting a new camera in July so I am ready to start snappin!

Anyway, on to my dad, about 1 1/2 years ago I got a huge scare when my dad needed open heart surgery. He is 72 years old now, and starting to act his age. I am at a point now that I am so scared of something happening to h…

The end of the road

Even though I graduated a month ago, I had this month to finish some classes yet. And I am done to 2 weeks. Tonight was a bittersweet moment as I turned in the rough draft of my senior project and ran into about 5 people that I have been in class with over the last year. It was fun to tell them about graduation and not to sweat the senior project as much, because it's intense but not impossible. So as I was pulling out of the parking lot I realized that some of these people I will not be seeing again. reminds me of that quote, some people enter your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. But for these folks, they were there for a reason that's for sure. I saw Tammy, the girl that helped me in our statistics class..Brett my buddy from investigations, whom I will fingerprint any day!! And others, but these guys were great class buddies and I will think of them when I share my stories of college.
It did get me reflecting on the last 12 years, the journey from high school to wher…