Yesterday was such a good day

Typical day of course..a "honey-do-list" that needed to be finished...but then I got a call from Loni to go up to grandpa and grandma's to see Hunter and Kelsey. With an offer like that how can one refuse?!  Anyway, we brought the kids a ton of clothes for school which they were pretty excited about. We had a ball up there as usual, in fact grandpa was quite sassy!!

Once we got home it was time to head off to the ice rink for some hockey skating. It was a date for Meet the MGHA at the Shell. I asked Loni to come along, figuring that either she wouldn't come at all, or would not really want to skate. Boy was I wrong! I knew she had not been ice skating so this would be a new experience for her, and I am so new to skating myself I figured we would never get around the rink. She was a natural, and even was helping me learn how to skate backwards. I think we have a new hockey player once she is done with school!!

Anyway, off to do some of my list..suppose I should try to get it done. I am learning the hockey stop on Wed...I have decided that in addition to just going in one direction, stopping is a crucial element to hockey! 


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