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Melissa Etheridge

I don't know how to put into words the concert last night. As usual Melissa was full of energy and that voice, oh that voice! Although she had said a few years ago she would keep her hair short, she is sporting a longer mane for this tour. I suspect she is going back to the full, long hair that we all know and love. She played for 2hrs & 38 min before walking off stage "finished" but being a true Melissa fan, I knew she would be back out for more. And I was not let down, she came out roaring and ended with Piece of My Heart. It was a fabulous concert, I am not disappointed in the least. Not only am I a fan of her music, I love seeing her live as well, one of the few that can sound just a good live as she does on the CD you buy. WHEW! What a night!!

Tonight's the night!!!

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Having been a Melissa Etheridge fan for, eh, practically my whole life, tonight marks the 2nd time I have seen her in concert. I am more excited than I can put into words. Her concerts are super fun, full of enegry and she is well worth the time out of my life to go see. I remember being in my room in my parents basement cranking up "Come to my window" and "Yes I am" and singing to the top of my lungs. ahh memories!
All that and I am going with a group of friends which should make it a blast! WHOOHOO!

Am I a failure?!

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I am totally bumbed right now. Yesterday I started to come to the realization that unless some miracle happens or I meet someone that wants to donate a lot of money, I will not be able to ride for Act 6. Fortunately because I am on the steering committee I can move over into the crew side, but I really want to ride. It's just not the same thing for me. Granted I have not trained like I should, again, but riding is what it is all about for me! In fact, I don't know if I can be a part of the ride when I can't be a rider. It is so depressing to me.
Basically I am about $800 short of the minimum amount needed for a rider. No small peanuts I know! This year is just really tough for donations with the way the economy is, and unlike some people, I don't have a business supporting me with a few thousand dollars. In face, I can't even get people at work to d…

Why blog?

I have found myself wondering recently why I started this blog. When I started it was a place to capture my thoughts as I worked some awful shifts at work, an online journal of sorts that was my little secret. I didn't tell anyone about my little slice of cyber space and frankly it wasn't anyone's business. After a while I realized that a lot of friends, a lot of family members also had blogs and suddenly I was able to see what was going on with them at any time, even though I was in WI. I decided I wanted some people to know what was happening in my life as well. Recently I have been able to merge those two thoughts into one place that I "let it all hang out" if you will. My blog is a place to release fears, be excited about stuff, wonder about life, and ultimately clear some head space from time to time. Regardless, I have invited you (yup you...the one reading right now) into my life. All I ask is that you respect what you find, don't be judgmental and kno…


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I figured it has been a while since I posted anything, I don't have a lot to share right now..well that's not entirly true either. Let's see if I can do the short, short version. Loni got a new job yesterday (HELL YEAH!!!) she is working in some fabulous fancy schmancy law firm downtown with a great view or something. Starting to make me very jealous, but I am very excited for her, she deserves to be in a good place and one of us should be happy dammit! Um, it looks as if I will be going back to EMT school next month. Although it's not official until I think Monday, I will be the newest member of DeerGrove EMS and they are sending me back to school. The cool thing is that every level I want to take and get closer to paramedic (and ultimately get it if I want) they will pay for it! As I was driving out there I thought perhaps this isn't the time to …


Today I got a letter in the mail from a familiar address, with familiar handwriting, but such sadness inside. There was a letter along with a card for a memorial service. My dear pseudo-grandmother passed away last month, Loni used to call her Grandma Helen. I never called her grandmother because I had 2 wonderful grandmothers in my lifetime that can never be replaced. Helen was the step-mother to my birth mother Kathy. I met her just before my 21st birthday, I think it was a lifetime ago. Helen was my connection to a part of my past that I have worked so long to understand and accept.The gist of the letter said that it was one of Helen's daughters and she was writing to tell me that Helen had passed away. Evidently Helen saved all of my letters and was glad that I kept in contact with her. It was very sweet that these people that didn't know me at all, would send me something so I would know.Obviously I am sad, but more than that, for the first time in 10 years I must not ful…

I give in

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Ya know when your body is just telling you to slow down a minute, relax for a second, catch your breath?! Well that was today for me, just need a day to center myself again. Although it helps when you have a stack of police department applications you are submitting as well. I have come to realize that although Madison PD is my preference, in order to be realistic I should also apply for those areas surrounding that I will accept as well. So, that is what I will be hacking away at today, trying to get these 14 pagers done and printed so I can turn them in and get hired. Real simple, just wish it didn't take around 7mo-1yr to happen!
I just realized that I can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the whole thing, hell I am brew a pot and drink that whole thing if I want to. Whoohoo! Simple things in life is all it takes sometimes.
So the old saying, "stop and smell th…

Just a movie

Just on principle I usually do not watch movies that are about the military or soldiers. Many times I don't like how these movies are shown, and just because it's cool to wear some camouflage pants or dog tags does not mean that you deserve such a right.  Being a soldier was one of the best things I have ever been a part of and I miss it. One of my biggest regrets in life was not doing more as a soldier and getting out in 2004. If I could do it over, I would have stayed in, I would have have been ready to take my turn overseas. It actually makes me really sad when I think about it and perhaps that is why I don't like to watch these movies. I would give anything to put that uniform on again...

Life as I live it

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Ah another weekend is here, although this post finds me sitting at the office waiting for a Lion to drop off a case from Milwaukee. Actually last night found me here, this morning I was on the phone working and now I am here again. Well it wouldn't be my recovery weekend if it wasn't slightly busy. As I was leaving the house to come in, I got my honey-do list, things I can just do while I am out and about. This coming from the one that was able to stay for dinner with our friends and then went to another friends house until 1230am. And of course guess who had to get up with the dogs at 6am? yup me! Oh well, if she had fun I suppose that's the main thing. I will be dammed if both of us are miserable just because I have to work. At least one of us can be having a good time hanging out with friends!
Ugh, I am just frustrated with work latley (well okay it'…

When the music hits ya

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So this morning I went to workout and I was in a mood. Somewhat down, somewhat something. Perhaps it was the grey skies and rain latley. Anyway, while I was suffering though a run (ugh hate running) a song that I love came on the ipod and I think I will just leave the post with here are the words.
"You'll Never Be Alone"

The world is changing
and time is spinning fast
it's so amazing how you came into my life
I know it seems all hope is gone
I know you feel you can't be strong
and once again the story ends with you and I

And anytime you feel like you just can't go on
just hold on to my love
and you'll never be alone

Hold on
we can make it through the fire
and my love
I'm forever by your side
and you know
if you should ever call my name
I'll be right there
you'll never be alone

Hopeless to describe
the way I feel for you
no matter how I …

So much to little time

I really don't know where to start. I am actually laying in bed right now making a mental list of the things I should or should not write on here tonight. Not because I am scared of anything I might post, but I don't know if I could stop, making this blog the longest in history!I have so many things going on right now, some are really really good and I am so excited. Let's see if I can recap. I am currently serving on the steering committee for the Act 6 ride, on the Board of Directors for the Token Creek Lions Club and now...drum roll please... new member of the MGHA board. I don't yet know my role for the MGHA but I am super excited because I feel like I already have some kindred spirits with me and I hope I can help steer the league for future players. We have a wonderful gift to share and I want to protect this league.So, today I was a challenge at work. This week has been absolute and utter hell at work. I feel my blood pressure jump the second I walk into the bui…

Happy July 4th

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What can I say about the weekend? I played hard, worked hard and had a good weekend. I don’t know why such great weekends go so quickly and the work week pokes along. We are not much of the 4th of July bbq or cookouts, definitely not much for the fireworks (crowds and mosquitoes) . Friday morning we went up to the Dells to take a look at the wedding location and scout out where pictures would be best. I must say that it hit me at that moment that I am totally responsible for all of this wedding photography, and it is now a scary thought. What if I screw this up? What if I don’t get good pictures? What if she hates me and this ruins a friendship? But if I am more positive, this could really be a lot of fun, something I find I like, I could get a lot of clients from this as well since the bride has a lot of friends that are not married yet.
After the trip there we went…