Am I a failure?!

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I am totally bumbed right now. Yesterday I started to come to the realization that unless some miracle happens or I meet someone that wants to donate a lot of money, I will not be able to ride for Act 6. Fortunately because I am on the steering committee I can move over into the crew side, but I really want to ride. It's just not the same thing for me. Granted I have not trained like I should, again, but riding is what it is all about for me! In fact, I don't know if I can be a part of the ride when I can't be a rider. It is so depressing to me.
Basically I am about $800 short of the minimum amount needed for a rider. No small peanuts I know! This year is just really tough for donations with the way the economy is, and unlike some people, I don't have a business supporting me with a few thousand dollars. In face, I can't even get people at work to doneat!! How stingy is that?! Everything I have tried for fundraising this year has fallen flat. ugh! Even as I sit here in the dark since it's O'Dark thirty...I feel the tears running down my cheeks. I need to just accept that I have failed at my fundraising, and move to crew. I want to be a part of the ride, the cause, the reason we ride. But if I cannot ride, I can crew. I will just have to accept it while hoping that somehow in the next week something comes my way.


Mary said…
No my friend you are not a failure by any means. For you to step up and want to ride, and actively try to make it happen whether it be via bike or crew, shows more dedication, respect, and courage than most of us reading have. To give a piece of yourself to help others is never a failure, no matter the final outcome.

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