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Olympians are coming to town

So tonight Team USA Women's Ice Hockey Team comes to Madison to play the UW Women's Hockey Team..let's just say I am over the moon about this. My excitment is twofold actually, one I have always been a huge Olympic fan - what kid doesn't dream about some day going to the Olympics and second I am a huge women's hockey fan.

It comes without saying that my camera will be attached to my side tonight. Hopefully I will have some great pictures to post tomorrow!

My 2009 in review

So this year didn’t shape up to be the perfect year, but it had important lessons throughout.
New Year started out pretty strong, both of us in good stable jobs ready to tackle the world.
January- President Obama took office this month…I remember a country so full of hope
February – My father celebrated his 73rd birthday, I am very thankful for that.
March- We unexpectedly lost Loni’s mom, I think that this was the most difficult month of all.
April – I played hockey in Canada for the first time, and first trip to Toronto. This also marked the first trip back to Canada without one of my dear friends Marianne.
May – Not much happened in May…
June – June brought about another crisis for us, Loni lost her job at the law firm. And then was in a nasty car accident totaling the car.
July- Nothing memorable happened that I can recall
Aug- Took a trip home, reconnected with an old friend, priceless memories, also another Act ride
Sept – Watched my first Ironman, Saw Pink in concert amazing month