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Today it's over

Well in 12 hours from right now, this very minuet, I will be done with school. 12 years from the beginning of this journey that started at Ferris State University in Big Rapids Michigan. Who knew I would be in Madison WI now.. feels strange in a way. Don't get me wrong, I will not miss the straight-from-work dive-right-into-school life I have lead for the last year. Granted all that that hard work got me on the Dean's list as well which is another first! But I will not miss the 10 page pagers for each class, and my inability to work on them DURING the 8 weeks, always doing them the night before. Must be a true student talking.
In fact, with the exception to planning my trip to MI right now, I don't know what I will do with all of my extra time. Perhaps I will get to putting the laundry away in a more timely fashion, or putting away the dishes every night. That's what I hope, it's a new beginning, it's nice to be done. Now it's time to start living, oh yeah,…


I am so glad it's day of the week IMHO. We have had everyone at the office out attending the EBAA meeting in AZ all week except for 3 of us so we have been swamped, it will be in to see them all back next week. On the down side, I was just getting used to the quiet around work without them there!
Tonight is tattoo night, which I am thrilled about as usual. We are taking my sister-in-law's mother for her first one too so I think this will be a stitch!
So, I have 6 days of class' left but this will be the most stressful of this term. I have SO much homework to do for 1 class, including writing a 10 page paper, taking a final and my usual work. Then there is the senior project that is due on Thursday. I think I am ready, well almost, I have about 12 pages written so I can whip up another 3-8 tomorrow I think. My power point presentation is ready to go. So, I will be spending the entire day at a bookstore tomorrow and try to get it all done. I am on call this weeken…

Mid Saturday Thought

So I was on my way in to do some stuff at work today and I was letting my mind wander (and they think cell phones are dangerous) and I was reflecting on my dad, how fitting with Fathers Day this weekend. I am really excited to hang out in MI in a few weeks, it's been a long time! I am seeing a few of my family members, otherwise it's just me, my bike and my folks. I am going to hopefully get to spend some time with my friend Jen, I can't believe we have been friends for about 25 years, crazy! I am sure a couple of my cousins will be out for the 4th of July at Sandy Pines, and I am hoping to get coffee/lunch with my cousins Kim and Shawn. I am getting my laptop ready to learn some scrapping. I am getting a new camera in July so I am ready to start snappin!

Anyway, on to my dad, about 1 1/2 years ago I got a huge scare when my dad needed open heart surgery. He is 72 years old now, and starting to act his age. I am at a point now that I am so scared of something happening to h…

The end of the road

Even though I graduated a month ago, I had this month to finish some classes yet. And I am done to 2 weeks. Tonight was a bittersweet moment as I turned in the rough draft of my senior project and ran into about 5 people that I have been in class with over the last year. It was fun to tell them about graduation and not to sweat the senior project as much, because it's intense but not impossible. So as I was pulling out of the parking lot I realized that some of these people I will not be seeing again. reminds me of that quote, some people enter your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. But for these folks, they were there for a reason that's for sure. I saw Tammy, the girl that helped me in our statistics class..Brett my buddy from investigations, whom I will fingerprint any day!! And others, but these guys were great class buddies and I will think of them when I share my stories of college.
It did get me reflecting on the last 12 years, the journey from high school to wher…

Lazy Sunday? Yeah Right...

So I thought today would be quite an easy day. I had to work from 6-12 and then was meeting a friend for a tour of the EMS department I have applied to. I have this wonderful plan in my head of course, I will get re-certified as an EMT, get my scuba diving certification, then once I join the EMS department, I can slide into their dive team as well. So, in my head it will all work great, biggest problem would be the schedule at work...I don't know if they will let me have off 2 days a week by 6pm so I can make the class. But I guess one step at a time...

On the flip tattoo is scheduled for next Friday ~ I am very excited! We are taking Loni's sister-in-laws mother for her first one as well so it should be lots of fun!

A really crappy day!

So of course I had a call last night, and again I hit a small animal (sorry little guy) so only a few hours of sleep again. But the day didn't go all that bad, until my supervisor wanted to talk to me about my schedule. I have been on this "training" schedule for 6 months, really a sweet gig, but there is someone that wants it and is pulling the seniority card on me and is going to try and make my life hell. Now, I know I am the newbie, and I am the lowest on the pole, but why are some people just out to be mean? Just because I don't start every conversation about when I was last drunk or how hard I partied does not mean my time or life outside of work (what little we have) is any less important.
On a better side of life I am going to get back into EMS, I have applied with a local EMS department and they will send me back to school to get re certified! Now as excited as I am about this, that other person and their quest to ruin my schedule could also ruin this for me.…

A storms a brewin

Well I thought I should say something on here today since there is a nasty storm heading our way tonight and of course, I am on call! Why am I always on call during the snow storm, rain storms and now the tornado and wind! Must be my luck I guess!

Okay please pardon my rant here, but I must do knew it would happen.
Paris Hilton, my skin crawls on the fact that I just typed her name because I couldn't care less that the heiress does with her life, but after you have been cited for a DUI, laugh about it in open court and then get sentenced to jail for 40 days, of course buying your way down to twenty some days and then walk about after 3?! What would you have to respect the law or anything about how you are supposed to live your life?! I cannot believe that poor princess Paris has some type of "medical condition" what is it allergic to bars? Cannot stand being away from the butler and EgyptianCotton or silk sheets for a while? COME ON!! Her and her family have giv…

Life is just too short
Most people know that I work in eye donation, but yesterday we lost 6 that were part of the transplant/donation network family. I am saddened by this for a few reasons, most of which I am not allowed to talk about of course. But these folks were doing what they loved, helping others. Even when it means jumping in a plane or hopping in a car to travel many miles away just to save a life. Every day, thousands of professionals do their very best to ensure that the donation and transplantation process is successful," Dr. Sue V. McDiarmid said. "Because of their routine success, the public may not understand the risks they sometimes must take in recovering and transporting organs. They are unsung heroes, willing to take these risks for the purpose of saving lives."
I hope when it is my time to go, that I can be doing what it is that I love to do and that my family will be proud of me.

It's JUNE??!

What the heck happened to May?! I thought it was just here, graduation just happened, where did May go? It has been crazy busy, but that is how life goes.

I have seen a few movies lately, Shrek the 3rd, it was cute, with some adult humor...gotta love it! Although I must say that my new fav movie has been Pirates again. It had all the feeling of a major epic, amazing. I had a great time and didn't really notice the 2h47m time on the movie. I must say that seeing it on an Ultra screen may have enhanced the effects slightly. I am hoping to see it again this weekend :O)
Just over 1 month until the Harry Potter craziness starts again! I was lucky enough at work to be able to have both the movie weekend and the book weekend off, so I will have to do something nice for my co-workers that are picking up the slack on that one!