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Paris Hilton loses inheritance |

Paris Hilton loses inheritance | I say that I am actually pleased with a Hilton?? I think that perhaps jail time was not enough, and hopefully knowing you are out $60 million will finally do the trick. Well done sir!

Lazy Sunday

So I have been playing with my new camera on an off for the last month. Trying to learn all the fun things it has to offer. Yesterday I even went into a camera shop and inquired about classes that they offer. I love using my camera, although I am sure I can get annoying with it from time to time, but the dogs are great test subjects, they haven't complained too much :O) I am testing out the black and white feature now, and I must admit I even like that better! Here are a few pictures of the dogs and from the air show from Friday!

Pilot Dies In Plane Collision At EAA In Oshkosh - WFRV Green Bay: Northeast Wisconsin News, Weather and Sports

Pilot Dies In Plane Collision At EAA In Oshkosh - WFRV Green Bay: Northeast Wisconsin News, Weather and SportsOkay so I was there today, enjoying my day and gearing up for the air show. Which evidently at EAA they have this new rule for the chairs that we set up, either hold it or fold it. I am not kidding! Loni got up to get a root beer float and the lady came over right away and told me that either I need to physically have a hand on that chair (while she was touching my stuff in the chair) or she would just fold it down for me. Now mind you, we had a couple bottles of water in it at the time and a camera bag, sitting in some mud from the vast amounts of rain from last evening. So, she wants to put that on the ground?! I don't think so lady, anyway, I think it was an eternity until Loni returned and I had to keep my hand on the chair...grr. So, our other main grip is that usually we sit by some rude individuals that either stand up, or have umbrellas. If it's 90 and sunny, o…


Well I did it, a whole weekend of Potter and it is all over. Friday night I went to the Boarders bookstore about 930 at night and waited as hundreds of people filed in...many of whom were dressed up! At 10 min to midnight they drew for the first book of the night, I didn't get it, and then we began to line up for our books. I was in the second group but they lined us up in groups of 50 by our color wristbands. I didn't realize that there were 300 people in front of me :O) But by 1230am I was in line to check out with my book and happily went home. Because I had a call the night before and didn't get much sleep, along with the pure excitement of the evening I didn't make it much past 2am before I realized I had to put the book away and get a few hours of sleep. I got up early Sat. morning and continued reading until mid afternoon when we took a break to go to Maxwell Street days with Mel, then it was home to continue on the book until about 11pm. Sunday morning I was up…

Potter Party

Okay, here I sit, just got done with dinner (watching a wonderful episode of Iron Chef) and preparing for a wonderful evening at my local bookstore for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am excited, I have been going on about this at work for a while now. Not only did I get to have a wonderful time seeing the 5th movie last weekend, but now to become engrossed again in a book that just captures my imagination so much. Because I have been an avid book reader since childhood, few authors or books have captured my attention like the Harry Potter series. I love watching parents reading to and with their children, people in wonderful debates about the characters and engaged in reading. At lunch time today I went to the bookstore and got my wristband for tonight's festivities. I got a silver (that would be group 2) number 3. So essentially I was the 153rd person this morning to stop by for my place in line. I should have my book by 1220am. I know for myself, I am set…

Harry Potter

After much waiting since the Tues midnight opening, I got to see Harry Potter today. I must say I was very pleased at the direction that they have gone with these movies. They have kept very close to the books but of course have used some licensing for themselves, but they have done a great job. I also enjoyed the flashbacks during the move that showed just how much these "kids" have grown over the past 5 movies.There were some great laughs just as I have come to expect from certain characters and the usual teenage angst that you could not pay me to revisit! The movie had a strong theme in not always being stronger by yourself, that true love and friendship are worth more than power and control.I also was able to go see the movie on IMAX which has 20 min of 3-D which was sweet! The story is coming to a close, and I know the fate of the characters in book 6 but I will be in line next Friday at midnight for book 7!!

Testing the new Windows Live Writer

Okay, according to Shawn, blogging is just not the same without this so I am giving it a whirl...hope it works :O)
I cannot believe I am sitting back in my living room again. What a week, it's been a lot of fun, and I am very tired now. I had the chance to see some old friends and some family. Let's see, rolled into town on Tuesday night and spent a few hours chatting with mom and dad before turning in. Wednesday we weren't sure what the weather would do, supposedly it was going to rain, so we went into Holland and I toured my parents new condo, went to visit their antique mall and grabbed some lunch before heading back to Sandy Pines. I was quite impressed with the condo and I must say it's nice knowing that they are only just down the road from a lot of family. We had some great fireworks at Sandy Pines, they do quite a show for a resort that size, people come from all over!
On Thurs I met Jen, someone I have know for over 25 years, hard to believe it's been that long. But, what I love about Jen is that either one of us can pick up the phone and talk like we haven't missed…

Busy Week

Well this will be a busy week..I have been packing for Michigan today and I am quite excited to be going on Tues after work. This will be a great training event as well as seeing some family and friends.
School was FINALLY over on Thurs, I had to turn in my senior project paper which was 18 pages and did a 20 min PowerPoint presentation. But I actually just opened up my grades from my online class and I did manage to pull out a B, which is not stellar by any means but by this point I was settling for passing :O) Now I just have to wait on the grades from my senior project so that will be interesting to see what happens there.
I start my funky work schedule this week as well so we will see how that goes, not happy about the 10-630 tomorrow night and 6-230 on tues but that's what happens...however, I do have a purchase of the Canon Rebel XT tomorrow evening, so I am excited about that. It will be fun to test it out on vacation!