Potter Party

Okay, here I sit, just got done with dinner (watching a wonderful episode of Iron Chef) and preparing for a wonderful evening at my local bookstore for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I am excited, I have been going on about this at work for a while now. Not only did I get to have a wonderful time seeing the 5th movie last weekend, but now to become engrossed again in a book that just captures my imagination so much. Because I have been an avid book reader since childhood, few authors or books have captured my attention like the Harry Potter series. I love watching parents reading to and with their children, people in wonderful debates about the characters and engaged in reading.

At lunch time today I went to the bookstore and got my wristband for tonight's festivities. I got a silver (that would be group 2) number 3. So essentially I was the 153rd person this morning to stop by for my place in line. I should have my book by 1220am.

I know for myself, I am setting up a pot of coffee, a comfy place on my couch and will settle in after midnight to read my book. I should finish by noon, hopefully before so I can take a little nap before a long day downtown.

It is Maxwell Days on state street so I will have my camera along to snap some shots. I really need to start posting these sometime. I got some great shots of Sarge with a butterfly the other day, he was very sweet with it.

Other than that, my weekend is packed with reading tonight, the events downtown tomorrow and then I am on call Sunday. So this weekend will fly by quickly! Speaking of flying, I have the EAA Air Show in Oshkosh next Friday which is just amazing! If you ever get a chance to go I would head out here right away! My uncle will be in town this week from what I understand so I am sure I will see him at some point as well.

 I am trying out the program Hello that Kim suggested although I have no clue how it works yet...hmm.


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