Well I did it, a whole weekend of Potter and it is all over. Friday night I went to the Boarders bookstore about 930 at night and waited as hundreds of people filed in...many of whom were dressed up! At 10 min to midnight they drew for the first book of the night, I didn't get it, and then we began to line up for our books. I was in the second group but they lined us up in groups of 50 by our color wristbands. I didn't realize that there were 300 people in front of me :O) But by 1230am I was in line to check out with my book and happily went home.

Because I had a call the night before and didn't get much sleep, along with the pure excitement of the evening I didn't make it much past 2am before I realized I had to put the book away and get a few hours of sleep. I got up early Sat. morning and continued reading until mid afternoon when we took a break to go to Maxwell Street days with Mel, then it was home to continue on the book until about 11pm. Sunday morning I was up bright and early to finish the last 100 pages which were so engrossing. Finally I finished at 1050am! It was quite a book, wrapped up the story nicely, although I am a little sad that I will have to find a new reading passion for a while. But at least I have the movies for the next couple of years. That will at least be something.


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