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It was just a dream

This morning I woke up crying- literally. In my dream I felt so loved, so cared for, so complete. Not that I do not feel such things in my life but it certainly filled in some gaps. It made me sad for things I don't have, grateful for the ones I do & just general blah. I cannot explain it. This morning I feelmso uncertain of things when I shouldn't be. My weight has really been bothering me, it's inability to come off for one. But my doctor says it's not an issue for me health wise, and I think this makes me feel less attractive, less like I matter. But I hold onto it, subconsciously, because it's all I have. The fog outside right now matches my tears and the fog in my head.

Just us.

Well I must admit some strong emotion tonight. I got an email from my brother and he is well - he would like me to send a care package which I think would be a great idea. He also added that he wants to do a triathlon with me once he gets back to the States. WOW! I just got all nervous and excited at the same time. Since I have not actually met him yet I don't know if this is true and he would really do it or if this would not be something that happens in our future.

So I am quite touched. To do something like this

Almost Forgot!

My brother that is deployed currently emailed me today. Just to say that he is okay an even though he only had a few moments of time he just wanted to check in.

It's just work and school

Once again it's been a while since I have posted. I suppose that happens when you start grad school. Wow..can't believe I just said that, I am in grad school. Never in a million years did I think I would be saying that one! All you people that said I would never make it to college- you can suck it!

That being said, I am also going to start my journey to Ironman. Small steps of course, I will begin by doing some triathlons next summer. I started a blog so I can track my journey without boring anyone on this one- you can follow my blog here 
I am sure I will be taking a break from hockey next summer to do that, my first hockey break in about 5 years, but we will see when the time comes.

Anyway, work, school, more school and work that is what I am up to these days. In 2 weeks we head out to Door County for our anniversary weekend. Lucky for us that we have some friends that will watch the furbabies so we can go. Very excited to get away for a b…

It's fall??!

Where the hell does time go? I am sitting here writing when I am supposed to be working on homework- go figure. This is the time when thoughts flood my mind and I begin to think about things that I want to blog about. Not that I have all that many things to say but just to get things OUT.
Last weekend was Ironman WI again, ever inspiring weekend filled with yelling, cheering and being inspired by these athletes that push themselves to the limit. This year was fun because I was cheering on friends, quite a few of them this year. A few did not make it, but most of the did. I was there at 6:30am and left at 11pm. As soon as my friend Mindy was done she slugged me in the arm and asked when it was going to be my turn...well not next year but I have decided to begin my iron journey. The Ironman is still in my plan but with grad school in full swing now it will have to be something that I do not focus on now. However the ball has been tossed in my court and I am going to jump on it! Next su…