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Some utter bliss and a little sadness

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So starting with the good stuff. Friday I am at work feeling ho hum about my duties, lamenting how I really need a new job, blah blah. When my phone vibrates telling me I have a new email which is from city of Sun Prairie and it has 1 line that I can read that says congratulations. I almost jumped out of my skin for a moment. I ran to the nearest computer and pulled up my email which told me I had passed the written exam and was moving onto the oral board interviews. HOLY CRAP!! And I thought I was gonna bomb their test. Shows how much I know. Anyway, I have 2 interviews on Sept 13th in front of various panels and I don't know how soon I will hear but I was one of the top 50 which is sweet. My friend from work also moved on, whoohoo! Oh did I mention I have a 45 page packet to fill out? Nice, I know!

Now onto the sadness that going on in my life right now. Loni'…

To make a decision

I just got home from a phenomenal training session with my new friend Sid. I met her on the ride and she is a personal trainer at a gym. She offered to train me tonight so at 8pm I met her down at the gym and we worked out for almost 1 hour. It was a workout like I have never had before. I was excited about how this could really be for me, that perhaps I could get back into shape again, and in time for the test at Madison. But that was where I new it was going to be difficult, I have a bad track record of joining gyms and then just never going, I do it to myself. But I have proved that obviously I cannot commit to something. I don't know what it is but I get super excited about something and have a plan or a goal then I just let it slip through my hands. Back to tonight, training is expensive, it's not something you pay $40 a month for and that's it. I thought I would use the money I made from the wedding I just shot, but that isn't enough. I wasn't even going to b…

Some days I just can't take it!!

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So today I didn't go into work. I have many reasons, so many excuses, bottom line is that I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown there. Unfortunately, we are so mismanaged and things are so secretive that it's just tearin me up. I have so many things that I am excited about these days, Act 6 just got done, Hockey is right around the corner, school will be starting up again in 2 weeks and the weather is awesome! So what is my problem? Every day between 8-430pm I just die inside. I am treated like crap, watch my co-workers struggle and have to answer to some of the most unrespectable individuals on the planet! ugh! I have a lot of things going well for me and I am trying to focus on that, but I am just so unhappy with most of the day!!
Okay enough whining.. I can't stand it!
This weekend should be a lot of fun. I have some putsy things to do around…

The end of a long road

Yesterday we pulled into Madison and completed this years Act ride. It was a beautiful route, very hilly but just gorgeous. It's amazing just how beautiful Wisconsin is when you are riding out there on your bike. I think my favorite sound was the wind whipping through the corn, it's awesome (especially if I think I created the wind and I raced by).The ride feels like a family reunion in a way, there are people you only see this one time a year, but you have this special bond that you would wrap your arms around them in a hug if you saw them anywhere, but you just don't see each other that often. There are also those people you see a lot and this just strengthens the bond that you already share. When you eat, sleep, shower, ride, cry, laugh and get a massage with people for 4 days straight it's quite something. I felt really good on the ride physically. I think I am really lucky since I didn't train well for the ride to feel as good as I did. I believe it's only…

It's Day 0 for the Act ride!

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Well this is what it is all about, today is day 0 as we call it. Today is the day that ALL the riders and crew come from wherever they call home, and meet together to register for the ride, gather up materials, turn in pledge money, say hi to fellow Act'ers and prepare for tomorrow.
This year is very special to me, so many people had to chip in and help (of course it took freeking out and having a breakdown first) but I am so thankful to my friends. I would not be a rider this year with out them! In fact while I am writing this I am listening to a radio station that will have some friends on it for the ride. I am sure there will be a hill or two that I will be cursing their names but it is all worth it!
I spent this morning picking up our trucks, loading them full of gear and helping Aids Network folks get ready. I can't believe that day 0 is here, the next 4 …

This is what it's about!

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So some people in my life know that I have been agonizing over the decision to ride or crew for Act 6 since I have not yet met my minimum. I must decided if I will have "faith" that the donations will come in, even after the ride, or not. But I have had 2 people step up and say "I will help" and send emails out to friends, post on facebook you name it. That is what your family does, they might not be able to help you themselves necessarily, but they will reach out to everyone they know and help you though. Bri and Aaron, you guys don't know what this means to me and I appreciate it very much!
I just don't have the words right now, this is what the Act rides are about!