It's Day 0 for the Act ride!

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Well this is what it is all about, today is day 0 as we call it. Today is the day that ALL the riders and crew come from wherever they call home, and meet together to register for the ride, gather up materials, turn in pledge money, say hi to fellow Act'ers and prepare for tomorrow.
This year is very special to me, so many people had to chip in and help (of course it took freeking out and having a breakdown first) but I am so thankful to my friends. I would not be a rider this year with out them! In fact while I am writing this I am listening to a radio station that will have some friends on it for the ride. I am sure there will be a hill or two that I will be cursing their names but it is all worth it!
I spent this morning picking up our trucks, loading them full of gear and helping Aids Network folks get ready. I can't believe that day 0 is here, the next 4 days will be hard, amazing and a challenge.
Think good thoughts and hope for a good ride.
Visit to learn where cheering stations are or how to send me email on the ride.
See you on the other side!


Kimberly said…
You go girl! I hope that this year end's up being as challenging and rewarding as last year.

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