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Medical Professionals

I will never forget the faces of those that were with us over the last week. I might not remember names a few years from now, but I might. I will never forget Keri staying past her shift day after day just to make sure everything was okay. And when she came into the room to let us know we could see her, how she broke down saying "I'm so sorry we couldn't save her" I knew she did try her best. I knew we were more than just any family, she did everything she could. And her Dr. how she would be honest and frank with us, even when it was hard to hear, she told us what we needed to hear - not wanted to hear. When she walked out and told us "I'm sorry, we lost her. She is gone" my heart shattered. It felt like all of the oxygen was sucked out of the room at that moment.

They say when you experience crisis like this and are in the medical profession it makes you better. When Doctors are patients they understand the value of bedside manner, when they are the fa…


I don't know if I can cry anymore right now. I don't know what words to say. I always expected to be the one losing one of my parents first, especially after my dad's open heart surgery. I never thought at her age we would be dealing with this. I have known her for 8.5 years, and she has always treated me like one of her kids. She has been more of a mom to me than my own mother. I don't know how I am supposed to feel, I was introduced as a daughter-in-law, that's just what I am. Reminds me of how much can change in an instant. Some people do not get second chances, they can't save everyone like they do in ER. Dr. House was not walking around ready to solve the problem. Sometimes people do not recover, they don't come back to us. I am thankful for my friends, especially the come up to the hospital and just be there kind, or the drop some soup on your front porch while your not home kind.Just reminds me not to take my life for granted, not to take those I lov…

In a second

In a second life can change. drastically.
in a second,the phone can ring and everything you know is now unknown.

life is so precious, treat it that way. hug more, love more, fight less, hold tight to those you care about. Take a long, hard look at how you live your life, make those hard choices.

Standing by again, watching life being held in the balance between okay, and detriment. Watching a family struggle, cope, fall apart, try to keep it together. Watching a mother, wife, daughter, sister struggle with her life. Its the balance. Too far one way or the other can be major, in a second, life can change.

When i saw her fly over us on Med Flight I knew we were in trouble. When I had friends from the organ teams call me to say they knew, and they were watching, I knew we were in trouble. They don't know, the family that is, what the doctors are really saying. They hear "it was a quite night" must mean it's good, they hear "if she makes it out of this" must mean …

Ahh the good 'ole days

Now that I am a UW Women's Hockey superfan I can't help but remember my good old days of college. I went to a Division II school that had a lot of Division I sports teams, (including hockey..why the heck wasn't i watching it then huh??) but anyway, I was on the track team for my university. I remember the fridays that we would have to wear our uniforms to class because we were leaving by noon to drive the rest of the day and sometimes into the night to make our meets. We would be gone saturday, some of Sunday before we got home. Because our team was pretty decent, we would be focouse all year, including summer breaks. I remember the binders worth of workouts that we had to do each day of not show up to camp before school not ready. Your scholarship depended on that.
I remember my freshman year making it to the NCAA II indoor championships at University of Michigan. I remember the pride I had in being a college athleat at that moment. Student athleats give up so m…

A local hero is brought home

I saw something this morning that stopped me in my tracks. I was driving into work and I could see 4 cop cars with their lights on, a limo and a hearse. Instantly I remembered reading about a local soldier, Sgt. Daniel Thompson, that had died in Afghanistan, I also remembered that his funeral was tomorrow…they were coming to the airport to pick him up. I looked at the airport and saw that flag flying high, the soldiers already there to help a hero go home. Without realizing it I noticed I had tears streaming down my face, and for that moment he was my hero too. I thought back to when I was told I was being activated after September 11th, I think about all my buddies that have gone over, some coming home, some did not return. I wonder what it would have been like if I went over there. Would I have returned home? Would I have been a hero too? When I was discharged, although honorably, my single guilt was that I didn’t serve overseas with my brothers and sisters in arms. My one regret in…