In a second

In a second life can change. drastically.
in a second,the phone can ring and everything you know is now unknown.

life is so precious, treat it that way. hug more, love more, fight less, hold tight to those you care about. Take a long, hard look at how you live your life, make those hard choices.

Standing by again, watching life being held in the balance between okay, and detriment. Watching a family struggle, cope, fall apart, try to keep it together. Watching a mother, wife, daughter, sister struggle with her life. Its the balance. Too far one way or the other can be major, in a second, life can change.

When i saw her fly over us on Med Flight I knew we were in trouble. When I had friends from the organ teams call me to say they knew, and they were watching, I knew we were in trouble. They don't know, the family that is, what the doctors are really saying. They hear "it was a quite night" must mean it's good, they hear "if she makes it out of this" must mean she will be just fine - tomorrow right?! They didn't hear heart failure or major heart damage, loss of function. I know what this means, I know what it can mean.

Yes I know there are miracles, I know people are strong, I know bodies have a wonderful way of repairing themselves, but sometimes the damage is too far. She didn't listen to the signs, she didn't take care of herself. Now most of her family are still out there smoking, right now even, not bothering that the doctors have said that is a major reason why she is laying there right now. 6 months ago last week we did this with grandpa.....6 months....what will it take for people to learn that life can a second.


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