Medical Professionals

I will never forget the faces of those that were with us over the last week. I might not remember names a few years from now, but I might. I will never forget Keri staying past her shift day after day just to make sure everything was okay. And when she came into the room to let us know we could see her, how she broke down saying "I'm so sorry we couldn't save her" I knew she did try her best. I knew we were more than just any family, she did everything she could. And her Dr. how she would be honest and frank with us, even when it was hard to hear, she told us what we needed to hear - not wanted to hear. When she walked out and told us "I'm sorry, we lost her. She is gone" my heart shattered. It felt like all of the oxygen was sucked out of the room at that moment.

They say when you experience crisis like this and are in the medical profession it makes you better. When Doctors are patients they understand the value of bedside manner, when they are the family in the waiting room, they understand that just 10 minuets is pure agony. Nurses learn compassion from doing this job over and over, and being compassionate people.

I know I will never look at Medflight the same again. When I walk into the EMS station and I get a call for chest pain or a heart attack I will never think of it the same again.

The chiropractor that realized her issue and brought her to the hospital gave us 4 more days. Although they were not the most ideal, it gave us a chance to come together, say goodbye and ultimatly her gift after her life ended was to help other people. This week 2 people will recieve the gift of sight. We don't know how many people she will help with the other donations but I am sure it will be many. I have never been so happy to have worked in the professions I have.


marie said…
That is so tender and prayers will include you and your family.
Kimberly said…
I love your tribute to Loni's mom AND the people who helped her and her family as they made this dark journey. I love your passion for your profession and I think that it will definitely make you better. And as you know, be sure to compliment those who were exceptional, both to their face and in a letter to the hospital or whatever. A friend of mine is a nurse at Spectrum ER and I know it meant a ton to her when one of her patients wrote a heartfelt letter of gratitude to her employer.

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