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Poof it's fall

Well summer certainly flew by-holy crap! Let's see what is all going on these days, karate- lots and lots of karate. We go pretty much 5 days a week right now which is an adjustment for the house but it's so much fun and an excellent workout! I will be testing for my next belt in less than a month so I am excited about that. Big difference in my martial arts training this time around is that I feel my instructor really makes us earn our belts and encourages us to do our best. I am lucky because I decided to go down a couple of ranks and enter into this school as a green belt- which is right where I belong. I have a nice group of ladies that are green as well and if all goes well we will work our way up to black belt together.

The plan is to take a semi-permeant break from hockey so we can focus on our training. This has made me so happy and relieved so much stress from my life. I can honestly say that I have not missed hockey at all which is quite surprising to me. Apparently …