Poof it's fall

Well summer certainly flew by-holy crap! Let's see what is all going on these days, karate- lots and lots of karate. We go pretty much 5 days a week right now which is an adjustment for the house but it's so much fun and an excellent workout! I will be testing for my next belt in less than a month so I am excited about that. Big difference in my martial arts training this time around is that I feel my instructor really makes us earn our belts and encourages us to do our best. I am lucky because I decided to go down a couple of ranks and enter into this school as a green belt- which is right where I belong. I have a nice group of ladies that are green as well and if all goes well we will work our way up to black belt together.

The plan is to take a semi-permeant break from hockey so we can focus on our training. This has made me so happy and relieved so much stress from my life. I can honestly say that I have not missed hockey at all which is quite surprising to me. Apparently I missed all the signs along the way that just said take a little break.

This weekend I will compete in my first karate tournament and I admit I am excited, nervous and a little terrified. I am afraid of looking like a fool and embarrassing myself. but I will be going in the youngest in my age group (senior women- ugh 35 is considered senior!) and the top belt in my grouping. I am the kind of person that likes to compete and loves to win so this will be interesting to see how I do. I can't believe it's been 8 years since we have done martial arts and here we are now doing the tournaments. If I don't fall flat on my face I will have excellent video of my journey. Stay tuned!

We decided to go hiking up in northern MN the first part of October which is going to be a lot of fun. We have never been up that way so it will be an adventure. Our backpacks are ready to go! I really wish we would have been more into hiking when we went to Vegas a few years ago but it's great to challenge yourself and experience the outdoors. Our packs right now weigh about 20lbs or so for our day trips but we will have to start training with 40+ packs for our overnight ones next year. I know I will be more the pack mule because I can carry more but when you add additional food for a few days as well as all the camping gear it will be heavier. My goal is that we will hike the Grand Canyon within 5 years and after that Alaska!!

Other than that I am still looking for a career I can enjoy and be happy with. My day consists of being miserable from 8-5 every day and this is no way to live. I know how important it is to just have a job and that is what I keep reminding myself but I am always looking for the right fit for me. It's got to be out there....


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