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Have I mentioned that I have been studying a lot recently? This grad school stuff is kickin my ass. I love it and hate it at the same time which is fine I suppose. 
I am enjoying being able to analyze companies and at the same time myself. However it makes me realize just how unhappy I am with my current employment. ugh. 
Okay that was a long enough break- time to get back to the coffee and the homework.

All my bags are packed

Flight is booked for my cruise with my folks in Feb. I will be flying Southwest for the first time which is pretty fun- I have heard such great things about flying with them.
Finally some fun in the sun!

Mixed emotions

So many things happening today that I am a little overwhelmed with emotions. 
First- my friend Jen's mom is coming out of her coma. 15 days of not responding at all and slowly we are watching her wake up!
Second- An old high school classmate and swimteam member died tragically over the weekend. Such a young guy with 3 little kids. So sad for them and the life that was lost. 
Puts life in perspective. 

On a wing and a prayer

My best friends mother is in the hospital - on life support- it doesn't look good.
At times like this it is so hard to be far away, not to be there to support her and be there if I can be.
So tonight I just offer up good thoughts, on a wing and a prayer.

Come on Becky- you have grandchildren and a daughter that need you. Hang in there.