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Okay please allow me to rant a little. Beware, I could use some profanity if the mood is right.Okay I am coming off a recovery weekend today, not a terrible one. I did stay up a little late on Friday night working on some health things with a friend. So, okay I was up until about 1am. Get a call at 3am, dealing with some work stuff until about 5am. Then, 7am starts more work..all day. Then at night, we went with the girls out for a long drive just to take a long walk. I know it sounds funny, but we really did have a specific destination in mind but anyway, exercise was needed. Got home at a decent time, not early by any standards and had a decent night sleep...well until Sarge vomited right next to my head at 4am. This resulted in me laying on the couch for a little while and being paged again around 630am. So, off I go again do another case and make it back just in the nick of time for lunch with a friend. The rest of Sunday went pretty good but I was still somewhat tired. Then I get…

Some do

Some people rant and rave, some cry and scream. I am not saying that I don't do these things, but when something upsets me...or really gets to my heart I write. A friend of mine recently asked me why I don't post any of my writings on here...well here ya go.HeroI started thinking today, about what my legacy would be. Would I do things that matter and make someone see? Have I used time on this earth well, will I go to heaven - or banished into hell. The great thing about our hero is that even when they're gone, the part of us that they touched will always live on. The thing about a hero is, not just what they do or say, its about how they choose to live their lives each and every day. Hero's help push you higher than you thought you could every go, dig deeper than you thought you could and push your thinking beyond what you think or know. A hero makes you better just because you walk arm in arm, they help you stand tall, watch your back and keep you safe from harm. But …

What goes through my brain some days...

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Have you ever wanted to talk to your “younger” self?! I have so many things I would love to me a younger Jenn. Things like pay attention in school, it really would be easier if you would just try. I would take more science classes, not so many study halls. I would also stay in school the first time. I could have graduated in 1999 instead of 2007!!
I think I would tell myself to relax and enjoy being a kid sometimes. Remind myself that this time would not last forever, and that someday I will look back on those days and realize how much fun I really had (don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t want to relive it!!)
I would also have gone along with my original idea of joining the Army early. I still have my letters of recommendation that were written for me my senior year when I was contemplating a career in the military. I would have gone active, and chosen to go somewher…

Snubbed again??

Okay rather than start off with the bitching that will ensue here in a few minuets I will share the good things, or celebrate the successes as a former boss of mine used to say.First off my day started with a friend asking me if someone could help me with some fundraising. He wants to put up a donation can of sorts where he works. I will take any/all help I can get, but then again, that is what this ride is about. So on to being bitchy.. my executive director finally came back today, just a reminder he is the one that will be making the decision to hire me for the new position or not. Anyway, so after talking to him for a little while I did ask what was up with the position. He said that the decision is not made yet and it will still be another week or two (this means it will be 5 ish weeks since the interview). Then he proceeded to ask me where I was at with the police department process. When I told him that the test was still a few months away he almost was taken back. He said that…

The floods are here, honey let's build an ark!

So when I posted last I had shared the story about surviving though all the rain to take the pictures...well it didn't really stop raining after last weekend. In fact, for about a week we had nothing but torrential rains. Increased rain = flooding in our state. It was unreal how much flooding and damage has occurred. This past weekend I took my camera to try and capture some of the flooding and tornado damage, to see these please click here and here. I got a call last week from a former co-worker that said she had a great fundraising opportunity for me as a way to kick off fundraising for the Act ride. I was super excited, I just needed 4 people and I would have a parking lot that I could charge $5 a car and all the $$ raised would be for my cause. At 300 spots I would reach my goal in 4 hours!! Well of course it can't be that simple for me, who was I kidding?! We stood out there with our signs and saw the gloomy weather creep up, this was only matched by the glares we receive…

Through the rain part 2

Okay here we go for part 2..I got home sometime after 1am on Sunday morning and all about preparing for the task at hand which was seeing and photographing the Indigo Girls of whom I have been a fan for a long time. We started out with breakfast with "the girls" aka Michelle and Mary, as well as Mel. Again the torrential rainfall started again, of course I kept saying I don't care as long as it doesn't rain tonight. This was the night I wanted really badly..I do not get the pleasure of going to concerts often, so I couldn't beat this!! This time I was able to get Loni to come with me, along with the promise of a backstage pass as well so she could be my "assistant" for the evening. So double bonus, a concert that I LOVE along with the one I love. So we head out early in the afternoon with the sun on our backs and a freshly purchased giant umbrella on our sides (never trust a weather person on a big night!) We walked around for a while since it has been …

Through the rain Part 1

I have so much to write I actually think I am slightly speechless at the moment if you can believe it. Okay let me back up to Friday afternoon..just another lazyish day at work, winding down..knowing that I have a long night of coordination ahead of me I am not really in that TGIF mood yet if you know what I mean. I believe that I relived the conversation for you in the last post so I won't bore with the repeat..but little did I realize that weekend that I was about to have.Let see if I can recap properly, work just flew by, went to the farmers market on my bike sat morning (I love biking around town I much I have never seen!) met some friends for a few hours and walked around the square. Then I went home to start and stop my packing over the next few hours. The weather began to change rapidly at that point and I knew we were in for some storms which made me nervous because how could I get pictures in torrential downpours? After trying for a while to get some reinforce…

Toot, Toot!

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It's not often that I get to toot my horn, or really get this excited about stuff but I have some fun coming up this weekend that I thought I would share. Totally random during the day my magizine friend calls up for another photo shoot oppertunity for me.

Anyway, here is what the call goes like:
Jenn:hey what's up?
mag guy: what you doing this weekend?
Jenn: why whats up
mag guy: how would you like to come out to Milwaukee and do the media for the magizine. Full access media pass with the oppertunity to meet with some people
Jenn: love to...who am i taking pictures of? you know i am working until midnight tonight
mag guy: tomorrow is Natasha Bedingfield, Indigo Girls on Sunday

So can I call myself a celebrity photographer now? I will get some facetime and up close and personal photos! Holy crap! I might also get to repeat this next …