The floods are here, honey let's build an ark!

So when I posted last I had shared the story about surviving though all the rain to take the pictures...well it didn't really stop raining after last weekend. In fact, for about a week we had nothing but torrential rains. Increased rain = flooding in our state. It was unreal how much flooding and damage has occurred. This past weekend I took my camera to try and capture some of the flooding and tornado damage, to see these please click here and here.

I got a call last week from a former co-worker that said she had a great fundraising opportunity for me as a way to kick off fundraising for the Act ride. I was super excited, I just needed 4 people and I would have a parking lot that I could charge $5 a car and all the $$ raised would be for my cause. At 300 spots I would reach my goal in 4 hours!! Well of course it can't be that simple for me, who was I kidding?! We stood out there with our signs and saw the gloomy weather creep up, this was only matched by the glares we received from people passing by. Evidently the residents of this city were not as welcoming to those holding signs asking for money for the Act 6 AIDS ride. Okay we raised a whopping $25, yup that's what I said, we had 5 people willing to park in our lot. I went from being super excited to just upset and frustrated. I was actually happy when the rain started because it just sealed it that we should pack up with our tail between our legs and go home. I was (okay still am) just so upset with this. Fundraising is the hardest part of the ride for me, I just don't know enough people and the ones I know don't really donate much. So once again, I find myself struggling with this. Ugh.

To top all of this off, I am just plain exhausted these days. I feel like I don't get any sleep no matter how much or little I really get. Perhaps that is stress talking, not sure.

So, now that I have said that about fundraising. Aug 7-10 I will ride over 300 miles for the Aids Network. I would really appreciate the support, you can go here to donate.


Kimberly said…
Great pics of the flooding. I didn't have time to look thru them one by one, but the small thumbnails were really great. The devastation is just hard to take in - so many people affected. Thanks for documenting it!

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