Through the rain Part 1

I have so much to write I actually think I am slightly speechless at the moment if you can believe it. Okay let me back up to Friday afternoon..just another lazyish day at work, winding down..knowing that I have a long night of coordination ahead of me I am not really in that TGIF mood yet if you know what I mean. I believe that I relived the conversation for you in the last post so I won't bore with the repeat..but little did I realize that weekend that I was about to have.

Let see if I can recap properly, work just flew by, went to the farmers market on my bike sat morning (I love biking around town I much I have never seen!) met some friends for a few hours and walked around the square. Then I went home to start and stop my packing over the next few hours. The weather began to change rapidly at that point and I knew we were in for some storms which made me nervous because how could I get pictures in torrential downpours? After trying for a while to get some reinforcements, er, friends to join me and get Loni to come along the tornado sirens were blaring full force here so I made the trek alone knowing I would not get Loni out of the house. It took me almost 3 hours to get down to the summerfest grounds but it could have taken a week and I would not have cared. I was part excited and part scared out of my mind (what if I couldn't get the shots needed? what if I looked like an idiot out there...what the hell are they doing asking me to do this?!)

So I finally get there..get my media pass, which I just admit for a moment made me feel like superman. Well, wonder woman perhaps? It was just very right...just supposed to be, I was supposed to be there, this was supposed to be me!! Anyway, I was hanging around backstage for a while, testing the light and getting everything ready. The storms from Madison followed me the entire trip and everything was delayed delayed delayed! Around 10pm Natasha Bedingfield was finally getting ready to take the stand and they gathered us up, okay there was no us really, it was 2 other "serious" photographers and a couple of people with their point and shoot cameras. Anyway, here were the rules 1. No flash for the first 3 songs 2. After the 3rd song shoot anything you like. This was somewhat difficult because it was late and storming so all I had was my camera and my ability to manipulate it which is not really saying that much. I mean, I have taken these classes to prepare me for such an event yet I haven't had the best situations to time like the present!

Anyway, after what seemed like forever, the concert began...before I knew it I was standing in front of the stage snap, snap, snap. I shot in groups of 3 all night (317 images total) and just had a blast. I guess I found out what the "zone" was because I was in it. I noticed that she kept looking right at me, right into my lens..made for some phenomenal photos. Lucky enough there was about a 6 inch to 1 foot worth of room in front of the stage where me and my camera were completely covered and protected, behind me they were not so lucky. It was a downpour out there!

So here are a couple of the shots:

IMG_3817   IMG_3728

IMG_3871 IMG_3846


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