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Goin home again

Tomorrow I head home again for a long weekend with my folks. Always a trying and emotional time for me, on the one hand I am excited to see my dad and some friends/family while I am in town. On the other hand there is such a tension between my mother and I it's palpable. Many of my friends here just do not understand that it is only for my father that I make this trip. I know that once he is gone I will miss him every single day and will be glad I took the time and endured whatever I had to to spend time to him.
I just wish once, just once they would finally meet my partner. But I cannot hold my breath for that day because I know it will never come. My folks are actually a lot of fun and I have some great times when I am with them. We laugh a lot and we enjoy each other's company as long as we have something to do..a focus.
I don't know if I really have a point to this other than just that I am stressed out.

Reaching out

On Tuesday I decided to "introduce" myself to my brother. All I had was facebook but I knew my other brother was in town so this might be a good time to lay this one on him. I just said my name was Jenn and I was born April 28, 1977 to Kathy and I am your sister.
Time has been ticking by since then, no response or anything. Apparently he has not said anything at all so I don't know if this is a good sign or not.
I have been feeling very strongly lately that I need to gather my family close to me. But now I just have to sit and wait. I hope my brothers understand that I just want to build a relationship with them, I have never had siblings & they have always had each other.
But now I just sit and wait...