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That one hurt

Today is my mothers birthday. This morning, as a good kid does, I texted my mother happy birthday. By 4pm I had not gotten a reply, which is not that unusual- she doesn't often respond to me. I was looking around on Facebook and thought it was strange that I didn't even see a notification that it was her birthday, strange. So I went to her page to discover I had been unfriended.

I also noticed that she changed her profile picture to one of her wedding day and in the comments noted that it was to show what traditional marriage looked like.

2 direct hits at once.

I have been sitting here for an hour trying to process that.

Trying to decide if I can be the bigger person and call her to wish her a happy birthday. Can I once again try to have a conversation with someone that clearly does not want anything to do with me?

It's only Facebook...but it is the principle of it. I will admit that this one really hurt.

I haven't felt so alone in a very long time..