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It's Time

I have been an Olympic fan my whole life...I used to want to BE an Olympian. So of course you can imagine that when the Olympics are on I am glued to the TV, I will also admit that I shed a few tears when I see people win their event or if something happens and they are unable to continue. The Olympians always seemed like someone that I admired, followed their careers and just watched from afar- but this year it’s a little different. 7 players on the current US Women’s Hockey team are players that I have watched in the college career, players I have seen develop and struggle and ultimately grow as a player and reach the highest level of play that women’s hockey players can get to.

Maybe that’s why this Olympic year seems to mean more to me, I feel like I am watching friends play. Speaking of...I finally posted some of the pictures I took of UW Women's Hockey vs Team USA - you can see them here.

I can speak at nauseam about the players, the game and the statistics around this team. W…


Still a lot going on...wanting to bang my head into the wall some days.

I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job. I notice as the feeling of misery increases I get sick more often. I have a very good track record, or at least I am consistent with never using my sick time. Well, this year I have been sick a few times - got knocked down a week or so ago with ear & sinus infection (speaking of I need to pop that horse pill they gave me...ugh giant sucker) anyway..after that took me out for 2 days I was informed that if I call in again I will be written up.
Mind you this is after I have applied and interviewed for a different position at work and was then told if I got it I would take a pay cut. Really? A pay cut? I have worked many jobs in my life, and in all the moving around within those companies I have never been told that I would actually lose money. They have warned that I will not earn more, but cut?? WTF?
So, apparently if I get sick again, I should just report to my cubicl…
In some exciting news looks like we are planning a vacation to Vegas!! Wahoo...Plan is to go in January during the "off" time, nice thing is that since we are frugal people we already have excellent deals on one of the casino hotels (50$ a night!!) so you know we will have this whole trip at low cost. I am super excited and even the planning is a lot of fun! ya been?

It's been a while. Not for lack of things happening and going on, I think it's more I have had so much happening I don't know where to start.
Short list?
*Went on vacation...real vacation - cruise to Mexico with mom & dad
*Was among the 1st to know that some friends are having a baby...and I am trying to pretend to be happy about that.
*Giving up 1 hockey team & my responsibilities on their board - learning to let go and be okay with it
*Trying to wrap my head around possibly pursuing a new career
*Watching some friends make one bad decision after another & trying to offer advice since we have been there but knowing they need to hit the bottom on their much as I want them not to experience that
*Trying to offer a little leadership to my hockey team that is desperately reaching out for leadership and coaching
*Hammering out our own plan for the year, and being really excited about it
*Planning our first vacation together in what will be over 10 years, a cruise to…