It's Time

I have been an Olympic fan my whole life...I used to want to BE an Olympian. So of course you can imagine that when the Olympics are on I am glued to the TV, I will also admit that I shed a few tears when I see people win their event or if something happens and they are unable to continue. The Olympians always seemed like someone that I admired, followed their careers and just watched from afar- but this year it’s a little different. 7 players on the current US Women’s Hockey team are players that I have watched in the college career, players I have seen develop and struggle and ultimately grow as a player and reach the highest level of play that women’s hockey players can get to.

Maybe that’s why this Olympic year seems to mean more to me, I feel like I am watching friends play. Speaking of...I finally posted some of the pictures I took of UW Women's Hockey vs Team USA - you can see them here.

I can speak at nauseam about the players, the game and the statistics around this team. Why couldn’t I just get a job talking about hockey I tell ya...anyway, here I sit, about 2 hours to the puck drop on the gold medal game between Team USA and Canada. I get goose bumps when I think about what those players are going to be doing, how hard they have worked and the tremendous effort that they display in their focus on this game. Was there any doubt in my mind that the final game would be between these two great countries? Absolutely not, people keep referencing what happened in 2006 (for those that don’t know they lost a game which bumped them out of the gold medal game) I think this team is much more focused, they are taking the games one at a time and they are just a different team.

Yes I admire this team, yes I admire their chemistry on the ice, yes I admire their coach, their dedication, their focus, need I go on?

In other news, I did interview with the Sheriffs Department today – I am pretty excited about how it went but now I need to wait about 4 weeks to see if I move on in the process. I was one of the top 10 so I got the interview, if I am one of the top two I will get moved onto the background and job offer. Hopefully this will be a good move for me, and finally a career that I so desperately need to find.


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