ya been?

It's been a while. Not for lack of things happening and going on, I think it's more I have had so much happening I don't know where to start.
Short list?
*Went on vacation...real vacation - cruise to Mexico with mom & dad
*Was among the 1st to know that some friends are having a baby...and I am trying to pretend to be happy about that.
*Giving up 1 hockey team & my responsibilities on their board - learning to let go and be okay with it
*Trying to wrap my head around possibly pursuing a new career
*Watching some friends make one bad decision after another & trying to offer advice since we have been there but knowing they need to hit the bottom on their much as I want them not to experience that
*Trying to offer a little leadership to my hockey team that is desperately reaching out for leadership and coaching
*Hammering out our own plan for the year, and being really excited about it
*Planning our first vacation together in what will be over 10 years, a cruise to Alaska!!
*Trying to remember to take some time for me every now and then

That's what I have been up to, just a couple of things. We'll catch up more later I am sure.


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