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Rest in peace sweet La

This morning my dear friend Nancy's mom La died. A beautiful, funny and energetic woman has left us. La had been sick a lot recently and had been fighting as hard as her body would let her fight...I know how much Nancy will miss her and I will too. I will miss La nagging us to come down so she could cook some of the best Mexican food I have ever eatin in my life and how she would tell us to come around more. I am grateful for every invitation.

Rest in peace great lady, you will be missed.

A weekend memory

So this weekend is That Dam Tourney for our hockey team, it also marks the 1 year anniversary from the last time that we saw Loni’s mom. It was the first time that she was able to make a game of ours and the first time that she got to see Loni play. She sat in the stands and commented on how cute the boy was with the mohwak (we all love goalie Joe) and listened while Vivian explained how hockey works…and of course she had her camera along with her. I will never forget how she was beaming with pride. I will never forget how 1 week later we were at her side in a hospital wondering what was happening.

Last night I got a little choked up when we walked into the rink – I know it’s not always going to be like that, each time we reach a milestone. We can talk about her now without having the tears…but sometimes they flow anyway. We still really miss her – but I am glad that the last time I talked with her she was smiling and happy, that is how I will always remember her.


I am very thankful for my true friends. Not just those that will on occasion text me and say hello..or the ones that I might see from week to week but the ones that have taken time to really get to know the real me. 
You know who you are...I am very thankful for you.


Yesterday we were able to get some closure on what happened after we donated my mother-in-laws tissue when she died. Timing couldn’t be more perfect with the 1 year anniversary right around the corner; it gave us something to be happy about, that she would be proud to have helped so many people.

In a very nice letter they informed us that over 10 recipients have already had a transplant and they range in ages from 12-61 and live in Michigan, New York and Nebraska. 4 people have had their ACL repaired, 2 have had TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty) and 3 have had cervical and spinal fusion surgery.
We also donated her eyes and before the funeral we found out that 2 people already had received her corneas in a transplant. Interesting thing about her corneas, she couldn’t see from here to there without her glasses…but under a microscope she had the most beautiful and perfect corneas – and the surgeon that did the transplant is one of the pickiest surgeons in WI and that made me feel good knowing…


Life has been crazy as usual lots of work and hockey. Our team made playoffs, which is happening this weekend in Milwaukee, by the skin of our teeth. Our season was so up and down, playing really strong and together one game and then just falling apart and playing awful the next. There has been a lot of drama from the coaching issues and whether or not our team is getting what it needs. I struggle with this a lot, as a relatively novice hockey player I am soaking up hockey like a sponge every opportunity that I get, and I am playing with women that are treating this more like a social “bar” league. I am not all that interested in drinking, or hearing about who went out drinking, or what they plan on drinking later…perhaps that is actually more of an age thing. I have already been there, done that. I struggle with my ability to really fit in with this group of players, perhaps this isn’t the best team for me, maybe we want different things...I am, after all, an extremely competitive pe…

Being an adult sucks!

So we didn't get the truck tonight. It was one of those awful adult/grown up decisions that just didn't feel right in the gut and we walked out. 
Loni is crushed... 


Springtime is coming

I love spring, probably my second favorite season of the year. Spring is a good time to re-evaluate things in life, clean out the personal cobwebs of your life and also the house. It’s a great time to open up the windows and hear the birds, letting in that fresh air after 5 or 6 months of being locked up during the winter.

Lots of things happening in our lives right now, we finally purchased a new truck last night – after 8 months of 1 vehicle and trying to coordinate everything it was time to take the plunge. So, this evening we will head over to the car lot and pick it up. I am quite excited because of how happy this makes Loni; she is over the moon right now actually. This will be the first new vehicle she has ever had (only 160 miles!!) and this is HER truck. Even though it will be the primary vehicle when we go on trips or anything like that, it is hers. Just seeing how excited she is makes me happy too!

We are approaching the end of regular season for hockey. …