Yesterday we were able to get some closure on what happened after we donated my mother-in-laws tissue when she died. Timing couldn’t be more perfect with the 1 year anniversary right around the corner; it gave us something to be happy about, that she would be proud to have helped so many people.

In a very nice letter they informed us that over 10 recipients have already had a transplant and they range in ages from 12-61 and live in Michigan, New York and Nebraska. 4 people have had their ACL repaired, 2 have had TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty) and 3 have had cervical and spinal fusion surgery.
We also donated her eyes and before the funeral we found out that 2 people already had received her corneas in a transplant. Interesting thing about her corneas, she couldn’t see from here to there without her glasses…but under a microscope she had the most beautiful and perfect corneas – and the surgeon that did the transplant is one of the pickiest surgeons in WI and that made me feel good knowing that she has perfect eyes.

Closure is good, but it is still a difficult part of the grieving process. For so long we waited to see what would happen, how many people she would be able to help but now we need to begin the process of moving on again. We planted a tree that my friends from the eye bank sent us and this week as the rain started to clear away the snow we noticed that “mom’s tree” had grown a little bit. Life. Growth. It still goes on.

This summer, in order to appropriately sell Deb’s clothes, we are having a garage sale. This would be the most fitting way for us to clear out her clothes is having a giant garage sale in her honor and anything that remains will go to a battered women’s shelter. I know this process will be a little difficut, although I will be happy to have my garage back.

In the basement we will have her jacket, purse and clothes that she was wearing the day she went into the hospital laying on a couch. From time to time we will see Willy laying on her coat, we like to think it’s because he knows it was hers…but he might also like the fact that it’s a soft coat too.


StarGazer said…
Wow, that really is amazing that she was able to help so many people. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, but that really is incredible.

I'm new here, just reading through some of your posts, but this one really amazed me. :)

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