A weekend memory

So this weekend is That Dam Tourney for our hockey team, it also marks the 1 year anniversary from the last time that we saw Loni’s mom. It was the first time that she was able to make a game of ours and the first time that she got to see Loni play. She sat in the stands and commented on how cute the boy was with the mohwak (we all love goalie Joe) and listened while Vivian explained how hockey works…and of course she had her camera along with her. I will never forget how she was beaming with pride. I will never forget how 1 week later we were at her side in a hospital wondering what was happening.

Last night I got a little choked up when we walked into the rink – I know it’s not always going to be like that, each time we reach a milestone. We can talk about her now without having the tears…but sometimes they flow anyway. We still really miss her – but I am glad that the last time I talked with her she was smiling and happy, that is how I will always remember her.


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