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only happens once a year mine
friday will be 29 years
10,585 days ago i was born
a brave terrified woman
all alone
she gave it all she could
she tried to keep me
she couldn't
she had courage
the kind of courage that makes you drive to another town
with your baby girl in your arms
and hand her over
to a complete stranger
i imagine her resolve
with tears streaming
down her cheeks
saying i don't know how
to do this anymore
i want the best for her
my baby girl
but the best in not me
no now
so she gave me up
in the greatest act of courage
a mother can make
then she drove away
but a silent resolve that
she did the right thing
29 years later
does she think of me
doe she hear someone laugh
see a smile
wonder if it's me
if i saw you today
courageous woman
i would say
thank you
thank you for giving me love
all you could
thank you for
so friday might be my birthday
but i will think of
i hope you know
how special you are
courageous woman


Happy Easter
worked all night
so tired i could drop
going to rest and relax
think about the kids with their
baskets full of goodies


Religion was such an important of my life growing up...
sunday school
christian school
bible camp
profession of faith.
I have been told I will go to hell
I am not going to be allowed into heaven
I am not welcome
I am not accepted into the church that I have belonged to my entire life!!
I haven't been able to go to church or think about church in 6 years because I have felt that they were right...they MUST be right.
But then I realized...
I am here for a reason
I am here for a purpose
I am somebody too
I love
I feel
I believe
Finally someone else does too....
visit them
support them..they see the light for what it is
We are all human beings, created for a purpose, created for a reason...
what is your purpose~have you lived the life you were meant to live..or the one you thought they wanted you too...
I made a decision
I will make a stand
I will be me.
What an amazing gift P!nk has given us powerful is her talent
and the courage to use it!!
My Favorite song?! Dear Mr President...
"What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?
And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?"
WOW...thank you for saying it...
I must admit a tear did come to my eyes when I heard that...
I thought of a lot of friends, myself, many people to whom those words
are our life story, we have lived that!

What is happening here? Where is this country going?
The country I served, was willing to give my life for, now in the hands of someone
that would rather see me shamed, no rights and treated like less than 3rd rate citizens.
Did we go through this before? Didn't we have the civil rights movement already?
But did we ever really move anything? Or do we just want to appear that way?