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Changing your life

Driving to work today I saw a little girl,
you know the one, yellow dress..knee high white socks,
skipping down the sidewalk with mom close behind.
I couldn't help think it but I wonder what the world will be like for you?
I wonder if you will have the same luxaries I have now...will it be more difficult?
What can I do to help, how can I make sure that you know all the oppertunities
that are out there for you as a woman in training?!
Have I done enough?
Did I pave a way for you?
Or did I quietly go on my way each day..thinking to myself..
well someone else might do it?!


How can a person say I love you or you are always welcome here...yet because there are two of you the emphasis is on YOU. Meaning that person, that special person in your life is not welcome.
Here is to 5 years of trying to be the good daughter,
trying to be the good partner
being torn in two every time my two worlds come together.
Everyone says give them time, how much longer do they need??
My dad had a quad bypass 2 months ago, i thought that would have
"shook him up" maybe he would see me,
not the just the pieces that he wants to see.
I am welcome home anytime, I am loved, what about my partner? what about the love in my life?
She has her own family they say, that is if they refer to her at all...
how sad, how wrong,
to never really know your child, never understand the person that makes them laugh,
or be there when they have something important happening in their life because you made your choice.
It's a 'lifestyle' they don't agree with,
a choice i made,
it w…

Lets give this a whirl!

Why am I always the last one to figure out what other people already know?! Why can I help multiple people with their life issues yet my own world is a complete whirlwind!
I have a lovely night job so I have a TON of time to sit and think...and that then impacts you folks that are reading. So I will attempt to sort out my own world, keep my relationship with my partner a priority and figure our lives out together. I am sure I will mention parents from time to time...parents that were anything but supportive and how you mend that road if you can.

I saw her for a little while this morning as she got up for work
and now we live such separate lives
trying to set priorities, while just getting by
hopefully we can figure this out before we die!