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2008 in a nutshell

As I look back on 2008 I have mixed feelings as I think we all do at this time every year. I saw the loss of 2 wonderful people in my life. One to senseless violence and the other while serving his country. I have been asked to serve on the board of directors for my hockey team which is a fabulous group of people that I enjoy very much. I was able to spend time taking picture and enjoyed the feeling that I get from being in the moment. Not to mention the experience of a lifetime when I was able to photograph the Indigo Girls & Natasha Bedingfield.

This year has allowed me to earn my EMT certification again, enjoy the first year in our new home, and celebrate 8 years with my partner. This year has brought me more a lot more heartache with my parents, but an increased reliance on myself and my family that I have chosen. I have met some amazing people, rode another Act ride, and played a lot more hockey.

It’s been a long year. I don’t really have any special hopes for 2009; I would lik…


This is what I found in my email this morning:
"Congratulations on successfully compleating the cognitive portion of your EMS certification."
My reaction: holy crap...does that mean i passed??

I think about 2 min passed where I re-read this email and was looking for the catch. I just passed the National Registry for EMT on the first try, whoohoo!
Back in the day when I first earned my EMT certification in 1998 we were told stories about how difficult this national exam was, and most of us were encouraged NOT to take it.

140: Hours spent in class: 16 weeks at 8 hours per week + clinical time
1 :Number of times I thought perhaps I shouldn't have done this
6 :Number of friends I will keep in touch with

Feeling I had today knowing I did it makes each moment in class compleatly worth it.
So what's next? Well putting some time in at DGEMS putting skills to practice. There is some talk of a group of us going on to IV tech together, but there is also paramedic school too. That wi…


So this weekend my parents come for a visit again. I have this fear that something is going to go massively wrong or just be a bad visit. I know I am super stressed out right now and having them here actually does not help me right now. They will be leaving for Florida the middle of the week I believe and I won’t see them again until Mayish. Could be April but I have a few hockey tournaments that I am playing in and will be gone the weekend prior to my birthday so I am thinking I won’t see them until sometime in May. Every time they leave for Florida I wonder if I will see my father again, if his health will hold up through the winter. I wonder if I have approached everything with my parents in a fair manner. If I am treating them as I would want to be treated even if it’s not returned.

In other news, I think I am developing arthritis in my elbow. Prior to the surgery I was limited from time to time with some extreme pain but things seemed to go well after Dr. Bliss dug around in ther…

Carrie Underwood

Last night we went to see Carrie Underwood...I think we bought the tickets 3 months ago or something and it seems like we have been waiting for this for FOREVER! Little Big Town opened for her and they were really good, it was nice to see a great group of performers out there workin hard. We sat in about the 7th row and to my surprise there was a giant catwalk that ran down the middle of the floor that we were about 4 feet from so we always had a great view.

It’s strange to see this woman that I was rooting for on American Idol a few years ago in the big lights and doing really well. I think some people are just destined to be in that role in life. I don’t think I could live that life, but I am in awe of her talent. At one point she was doing a wardrobe change and they did this montage of all the awards she has won and she had this one acceptance speech that I thought was so true to who she is: God has blessed me so much and I will spend the rest of my life trying to understand why, no…

The word of the day

Words on a Monday morning

Winter weather
Hurting (physically)

Lot’s going on, school winding down, pressure winding up. Head is whirling around. Hockey is great but frustrating.

This week is super busy, quite overwhelming when I think about it, actually the next 2 weeks are. I have a State licensing exam on Tues, took Thurs off so I can go to class during the day and take Loni to the Carrie Underwood concert at night with our friend Mel, Act 6 reunion party on Friday night and sat I have work, the women’s hockey game with MGHA and take Loni to her Christmas party. Whew, I am tired just looking at this list.

Mom and Dad coming for a visit on the 12th, National Registry Practical Exam on the 16th and National Registry Written sometime around there as well. So, by Christmas I should be exhausted, but finished. Maybe I can have some time again, some time to focus on what is important and more importantly spend some time with Loni. I would love to find a way …