This is what I found in my email this morning:
"Congratulations on successfully compleating the cognitive portion of your EMS certification."
My reaction: holy crap...does that mean i passed??

I think about 2 min passed where I re-read this email and was looking for the catch. I just passed the National Registry for EMT on the first try, whoohoo!
Back in the day when I first earned my EMT certification in 1998 we were told stories about how difficult this national exam was, and most of us were encouraged NOT to take it.

140: Hours spent in class: 16 weeks at 8 hours per week + clinical time
1 :Number of times I thought perhaps I shouldn't have done this
6 :Number of friends I will keep in touch with

Feeling I had today knowing I did it makes each moment in class compleatly worth it.
So what's next? Well putting some time in at DGEMS putting skills to practice. There is some talk of a group of us going on to IV tech together, but there is also paramedic school too. That will have to be a decision I think about for a while. As much as I WANT to be a paramedic, I don't know if now is the best time. IV tech is managable so in the next year I may look to doing that as well. But for now, I will be very happy and quite proud of this accomplishment. Makes me feel like I might be able to make a difference in the world.


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