So this weekend my parents come for a visit again. I have this fear that something is going to go massively wrong or just be a bad visit. I know I am super stressed out right now and having them here actually does not help me right now. They will be leaving for Florida the middle of the week I believe and I won’t see them again until Mayish. Could be April but I have a few hockey tournaments that I am playing in and will be gone the weekend prior to my birthday so I am thinking I won’t see them until sometime in May. Every time they leave for Florida I wonder if I will see my father again, if his health will hold up through the winter. I wonder if I have approached everything with my parents in a fair manner. If I am treating them as I would want to be treated even if it’s not returned.

In other news, I think I am developing arthritis in my elbow. Prior to the surgery I was limited from time to time with some extreme pain but things seemed to go well after Dr. Bliss dug around in there. Now, I think I am just suffering from some chronic pain. I sleep with a heating pad on my arm and many nights I am awakened by the pain. Actually my request recently is to just remove my arm, it’s awful. But I suppose we all have something that causes us some aches and pains.

Anyway, keep your finders crossed that over the next week I can retain my sanity long enough to survive the visit, pass my state and National Registry on Thurs and Tues!!


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