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Giving it a try

So I might be giving my hand at some photography. I have been asked to do a wedding for a girl at work..sweet thing, I want to do a good job for her. But I am actually very excited, it would be fun to have a side business like that, although I must admit I have so much to learn.I am in need of someone that can draw well to design my logo, I am going to register my name and logo and we'll see where it goes from there. The Camera Company in town and local college offer some photography classes that I am going to be checking out in the near future. So if anyone knows someone that can draw let me know!

Mommas got to have a root canal

yeah not happy about that. Okay I am petrified about that. I made a lot of phone calls on the way home last night to people that have had these, according to them it's a piece of cake. Now I rather like cake, it's the frosting that I enjoy the most but whatever, cake makes me smile. Dentist? not so much! And, because I already had the day after labor day off (needed a Jenn day) guess when I am I having this darn got it, on my day off! grr!!However, to make my day slightly better, I did just get an email that we have a gear package for hockey so I just need to put my order in and get trying on stuff. So, I am very excited about that, however, slightly nervous. Thankfully I have a wonderful mentor Lora to help me out! Let the fun begin!!


I get sick about 1 time a year, last year I was fortunate not to get sick that I recall but I did have my all-in-one-day surgery followed by car accident so I counted that as my "sick" time last year. Anyway, I have spent a lot of today laying on the couch, sandwiched by my dogs, them sleeping and me trying really hard to get some rest. Only bothered by the fact that I wanted the fly that snuck in the house to leave me the hell alone and knowing that at 6pm I would have to start working until 6am Monday morning. ugh!Last weekend was the Brewers game, now typically I am so excited about this, but last week was just not into it. That only became worse as the game went on. People are just rude..and I mean inconsiderate impolite, jerks, whatever you call them. Our seats were not too bad, right where the upper deck starts, by the 3rd base line..however I spent most of the game trying to see around the guy sitting in front of me. Now if he really sat most of the time it might not …

Ugh..hope I am not getting sick

Okay so this afternoon I was thinking my throat was slightly raspy, you know that husky voice that one gets which is kinda hot until you realize your throat is getting sore. And now, I just got done drinking coffee because I can't hardly swallow..lovely! This is going to be a fun weekend I can see.. good news is that tomorrow is Friday, I work 6am-230pm and I can rest for a little bit until the get together at Ginza. Think its time for bed...ugh!!

Last night

Last night I had a nightmare..your bone rattling, vivid, when you wake up in the morning you feel like you should call some people kind of dream. Maybe it has to do with the storms that have been rolling through lately, for a person that is afraid of thunder and lightning I have been getting a little too much exposure to it lately!! In fact I will be interested to see what roads will be closed on my way to work again today, it's so flooded around here! In fact, while 3 people were waiting for the bus around the corner from my work last night, lightning struck, dropped a power line into the water that they were standing in and killed them. Can you imagine?! We are supposed to get more rain today, I just hope it lets up soon..good thing the Act ride wasn't during this!On a side note, I am thinking about joining a gym again. I want to go for all the reasons everyone else wants to go but I hate the gym atmosphere. I used to belong to a huge gym in town but I found myself almost ha…

It's been a while

Things have been super busy lately, work has been super stressful, per the norm. That is getting to be old news though. This weekend shouldn't be too bad Friday night there is a party for my friends birthday at Ginza east and Sat. I am going out for Pho. My favorite Vietnamese soup on the west side of town, Pho is my treat for myself. Although occasionally I have a brave soul that will come eat with me, usually it is just me. Then, for my Lion's club I will be working the Town of Burke picnic flipping burgers until 6pm when I have to coordinate for work. Of course Sunday I am on call so it's anyone's guess as to how busy I will be.I am also looking ahead a little bit to the day when I begin hockey. Of course I still have no idea what I am getting myself into, but it should be a blast!! Although anyone old enough to remember the Charmin commercial from 10 years ago had that little boy that loaded up his pants with the tp to protect his behind from falling...yeah feeling…

Life Frustrations

So I tend to get bored quite easily..especially jobs. I think that's why I like jobs that you can move around in positions and climb up or over the proverbial ladder. I just feel that there must be something more for my life...there has to be more of a purpose. I just wish I knew what it was...that has me very frustrated at the moment. I like my job now, it has its rewards, and I work with some great people- but we have so many issues to deal with and I don't know if I have the energy to put into it now. It been very stressful the last few weeks.

Life List

Inspired by Ellen I have thought of what my life list is, the things I want to do in my life. By writing them down, they can go from wish list --> to do list!Participate in the Act rides for AIDS  done 8/07 Travel to England Write a book Hike the Grand Canyon Buy a house Rock climb Learn to Scuba Dive Run a half marathon Participate in the Gay OlympicsMore to come I am sure..this will be a work in progress I think


I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about life. I have been very proud of myself for being a part of the Act 5 ride, it was one of those personal challenges that I heard from some people "I will believe it when I see it." But it was about doing something bigger than myself, about doing something that has a purpose to it.  For 12 years I have been living life and attempting to finish school, all for a degree that I will never use, however, just the accomplishment of it. But that was it, work and school, who has time for anything else. But now that I am done with school I am still searching for that thing, that something that I can identify myself with. I don't have an urge to go out to bars and party, but I need something. I am getting restless. This is what I am hoping that hockey can fill. It will give me into sports again which I miss tremendously. I would never have considered hockey without meeting some of the players on the ride. I am nervous but excited to c…

Great video

Here is a video about the Act 5 Aids ride..shows  you a little about what it was like for

Madison Hockey

So I have met some girls while on the ride so they have convinced me that I need to play hockey. Hmm..have I ever played the sport you ask? NOPE! But I am the newest member of team Thunder!! I am excited to learn a new sport and learn all I can about hockey. So if anyone has any tips I am open to them!! So off to find some gear!

The Ride

It's amazing to think that 1 week ago right now I was on day two of the ride. I wrote up a short letter to describe just how the ride was. Thank you to everyone that sent me messages while I was out there. Of the 150 riders, 80 of us have already signed up for next yet. And together we raised $287,000!!!Last week I did an amazing thing. On Thursday morning I became part of a wonderful, life changing event that is truly something that I am proud of. They have told me that being a part of Act 5, the Wisconsin AIDS bike ride would change me, yet, I never realized just how true this would be. Initially the idea of riding 300 miles in 4 days on my bike was something that just sounded impossible. In fact, Thursday morning it still seemed hard to believe that I would soon be zipping around Wisconsin on 2 wheels powered by my body, a lot of love, and just pure grit. For me, this journey began 1 year ago when I picked up the newspaper and looked at the picture of closing ceremonies of Act…

Aids Ride

Well we are back home, 306 miles in 4 days and what an amazing adventure for such a good cause. I am truly touched by the human spirit and the willingness to do something extraordinary for people you don't know. I will post more later when I can feel my arms again :O) It was the hardest thing I have ever done and I received more than I thought I ever would- and of course I signed up to ride again next year. I truly believe that each of us can make a difference. Change your life, Change your world.

Big week this week

Well it is the day before the AIDS Ride, I must admit I am getting nervous. I had today off of work to run last min. errands, pack my cycling gear and mentaly prepare for what lays ahead of me. I am creating a few playlists for the ride on my ipod, not sure if I will use them during the ride or just after we get into camp at night, who knows. I have about 4 hours until I have to do the pre-ride stuff, register, get my number, and then watch the saftey video. I will also turn in a few last min, pledges that came in about 8pm last night. I must say as I look back on this year of talking about it, thinking about it and then doing the training and fundraising it has been quite a process. I am utterly amazed at some people's generosity, just when you think someone will not do something a check is in the mail, or an email of encouragement, just when you need it the most. I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to meet the goal of raising $1,100 but I have done it!