Last night

Last night I had a nightmare..your bone rattling, vivid, when you wake up in the morning you feel like you should call some people kind of dream. Maybe it has to do with the storms that have been rolling through lately, for a person that is afraid of thunder and lightning I have been getting a little too much exposure to it lately!! In fact I will be interested to see what roads will be closed on my way to work again today, it's so flooded around here! In fact, while 3 people were waiting for the bus around the corner from my work last night, lightning struck, dropped a power line into the water that they were standing in and killed them. Can you imagine?! We are supposed to get more rain today, I just hope it lets up soon..good thing the Act ride wasn't during this!

On a side note, I am thinking about joining a gym again. I want to go for all the reasons everyone else wants to go but I hate the gym atmosphere. I used to belong to a huge gym in town but I found myself almost having to dress up to go! It is SO busy and just packed with people that I felt self conscious being there and got to a point I no longer went. A new YMCA is opening by my house that I am considering as well..but again, lots of people and too many kids I think. There is also Anytime Fitness in town and a few other options, but it is hard to find the right place, and going alone is quite intimidating as well. With hockey starting soon I think I might need something extra, and then Loni will have a quiet house to study...

hmm decisions, decisions


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