It's been a while

Things have been super busy lately, work has been super stressful, per the norm. That is getting to be old news though. This weekend shouldn't be too bad Friday night there is a party for my friends birthday at Ginza east and Sat. I am going out for Pho. My favorite Vietnamese soup on the west side of town, Pho is my treat for myself. Although occasionally I have a brave soul that will come eat with me, usually it is just me. Then, for my Lion's club I will be working the Town of Burke picnic flipping burgers until 6pm when I have to coordinate for work. Of course Sunday I am on call so it's anyone's guess as to how busy I will be.

I am also looking ahead a little bit to the day when I begin hockey. Of course I still have no idea what I am getting myself into, but it should be a blast!! Although anyone old enough to remember the Charmin commercial from 10 years ago had that little boy that loaded up his pants with the tp to protect his behind from falling...yeah feeling that will be me! But hopefully I will get the info soon on where I can get my equipment so I can begin the process. I am going to try to do some free ice skating starting that first week in Sept cause I am a little nervous about being on the skates for the first time in 20 some years.


brrri said…
hockey is awesome, ACT riders are awesome, you're awesome!

3 cheers for new friends, and the weird paths on which life takes us!

also, you got some totally sweet pillow fight shots. well done!

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