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Listening to that small voice

I have been trying to take time to listen to that small voice inside of me to guide me on my way. It's kind of strange why things and circumstances come into your path in life...
So a few months ago I was putting some pictures on facebook and ran into some of my old rugby ones - I decided to see if I could get in contact with some more of my teammates. I have not played on this team in 9ish/10 years. Anyway, when I first came to Madison not knowing anyone or having anywhere to go I found this rugby team that helped me transition to the city and became a part of my family.
So this week week happens to be the Rugby World Cup which my former teammate is playing in. So I have been thinking a lot about rugby and how much fun I used to have playing so after a little chat with Loni she said I should play again. So this morning I sent some email and got some information..hopefully I will get to start pre-season training with the team this winter and play next summer. Hockey in the winter …

Seasons Change

So today we made a very tough decision in that we are not returning to our hockey team. This has been quite a year for us as our team struggled with just issue after issue. It never felt like a home to me and for an organized sport it was very frustrating. Sadly the list of issues came to a head last Tuesday where my tolerance to the issues just broke.

Fortunately for me I was able to spend time on Sat with a friend that I was able to chat about some of these hockey issues with and a have a good sounding board to what I have been trying to decide for a while.
And today we made the final decision to seek a happier environment for us. And as we started making the phone calls to let people know so they can fill out spots it was like a weight lifted off us.

The hard part are the very few friendships that we have made on this team - some are very strong and for others apparently this is a test that might be too much to handle. Especially when I get an email that tells me that they need so…