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That one hurt

Today is my mothers birthday. This morning, as a good kid does, I texted my mother happy birthday. By 4pm I had not gotten a reply, which is not that unusual- she doesn't often respond to me. I was looking around on Facebook and thought it was strange that I didn't even see a notification that it was her birthday, strange. So I went to her page to discover I had been unfriended.

I also noticed that she changed her profile picture to one of her wedding day and in the comments noted that it was to show what traditional marriage looked like.

2 direct hits at once.

I have been sitting here for an hour trying to process that.

Trying to decide if I can be the bigger person and call her to wish her a happy birthday. Can I once again try to have a conversation with someone that clearly does not want anything to do with me?

It's only Facebook...but it is the principle of it. I will admit that this one really hurt.

I haven't felt so alone in a very long time..

Today is historic

For the first time I can go anywhere in this great nation and get married if I want to. I no longer have to look to see who would let me, or worry if it will be accepted by my state. No longer do I have to worry how many tax returns we would have to file. Because I can get married. I can get married.
I don't know yet when or if we will pull the trigger on that. We have been together 15 years this year and things are wonderful. But, this will afford us protections and legal recognition that we have never had. That really does mean something.

As I was looking through my feed on facebook I noted I have two very different views on today. There are a majority of my friends that are excited and happy, that support love no matter what. And then there are the family members and former high school classmates that I see writing "sad, disappointing, disgusting, what a horrific decision" and it makes me very upset.
There is no more gay marriage, or same-sex marriage. We now have mar…

I didn't fall off the face of the earth

I have been here all along, just busy living life and not so much time to write about life. In the forever since I last wrote I had to say goodbye to my Jersey (I don't feel ready to share that yet), got a promotion at work, changed 3 different karate schools, adopted a cute rescue dog & gained a new sidekick, and I think the biggest thing is that I met my brother (I think this one deserves a post all by itself).

My focus as of late has been only on earning my black belt, I have worked very hard for this and in 54 days I will finally be testing. A nice 5+ hour grueling test but I am ready (I think) after April 25th I will be taking a break from the karate world. I think there are bets going on to how long I will be gone. At this point the old joints need a little rest from the jumping/spinning techniques and I will focus on enjoying my gym membership. I am actually a little excited to take new classes, to get on the weights again and just do what I want to do.

I am looking for…