I didn't fall off the face of the earth

I have been here all along, just busy living life and not so much time to write about life. In the forever since I last wrote I had to say goodbye to my Jersey (I don't feel ready to share that yet), got a promotion at work, changed 3 different karate schools, adopted a cute rescue dog & gained a new sidekick, and I think the biggest thing is that I met my brother (I think this one deserves a post all by itself).

My focus as of late has been only on earning my black belt, I have worked very hard for this and in 54 days I will finally be testing. A nice 5+ hour grueling test but I am ready (I think) after April 25th I will be taking a break from the karate world. I think there are bets going on to how long I will be gone. At this point the old joints need a little rest from the jumping/spinning techniques and I will focus on enjoying my gym membership. I am actually a little excited to take new classes, to get on the weights again and just do what I want to do.

I am looking forward to getting back out to our favorite hiking spots this spring with the dogs. They have been trapped in the house all winter with the brutal cold that they are ready to stretch their legs.
Here is a little picture of my new little guy. He is learning to not eat the cats, to share the toys, that food comes twice a day, that snuggles are good, sleeping is wonderful and he is loved. These are all fun new things for Sawyer.

I will share more about my brother meeting next time. That was truly an experience that I have waited many, many years for.


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