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Please send well wishes

I only have a moment of time.. yesterday Loni's neice arrived into the world after a complicated and difficult delivery. The baby girl (who does not have a name yet) is all alone at Children's Hospital of Milwaukee where she was flown a few hours after birth with a head injury and major laceration due to the use of forceps by her doctor. At this point, we do not know how she is, her mom and dad will be going this afternoon (hopefully us tonight as well) to see her for the first time.
Send a good thought, a prayer, a wish, whatever moves you, that this baby can fight and survive.
If the weather holds out, I will be bringing my camera and getting some pictures.

Hang in there little one!

Seasons Change

Okay, I am up super early, by my calculations, I have 19 min before I need to be getting ready for work. Thanks to the fact that yesterday I had to plan for lots of weather, and I forgot to reset the alarm, here I am. Perhaps I should do this more often if it get's me to blog first thing in the morning?!

So yesterday at work we found out that my technical director is resigning his position and is moving back to Colorado (WHAT?!) Now, I am not all that sad since I know this will make him super happy and I don't think he ever felt like a real part of WI (have I mentioned that I would leave if I was managing some of us?!) Anyway, I am very concerned for those internal candidates that may surface over the next few weeks. Especially the one that sleeps through his shift most of the time. I have a feeling if he truly did get the position it would be based on the fact that he has been there a while but has no managerial experience whatsoever! I hope, that they select someone outside …

Where does the time go?

So I realized today that I just don't have enough time in the day! Seriously! I just don't know how I am going to get everything done, it seems like things are piling up and hopefully I will be able to stay afloat!Hockey is going awesome! We finished regular season right before I had to go to Florida, and playoffs started last week. We have 3 weeks of playoffs then our championship game on March 2. I will also find out that night if I get to go to NY to play in June at the hockey tournament. Well I have some more jobs to apply for and some dinner to finish... it's been a very long week!


So I am sitting in the airport in Tampa Florida right now, getting ready to leave the nice 80+ weather and heading to where it is currently -24 wind chill and should get to a nice -40 by time I get home...can you believe it? I would love to stay :O)Well I ended up having a great time down here, even though the other girl from my work bailed out on me before the trip I met 2 wonderful girls down here that I think will be in my life for quite some time. So I guess I can share now what my iron in the fire is for a job. Being down here I have had a chance to chat with some people about their employers and I have decided that my work really does not care about me! They are not employee focused that is for sure! Anyway, a few months ago I decided that I would begin to go back down the path of law enforcement. I am going to be applying to Madison Police Department in March. Which means I have to get myself back in that mind set, but I think this is partly what I should be doing. Its really a…


That is how I feel today...blah about things. I don't really have a reason, well it could be sleep deprivation. I feel like I have trash talked my employer on here enough, although I have not even started when you get down to it. Anyway, as I am sitting here this morning, debating life over a hot cup of coffee, wondering where my happiness has gone. I feel like I have slipped into this funky depression, the only things that really make me happy right now is hockey (which is rapidly coming to an end) and doing projects around the house. Work, where I spend about 95% of my time these days, is just sucking all the life out of me. I am so unhappy that today the words, graduate school came out of my mouth. Are things that bad that I feel I have to go to school?? ahh! I need an intervention on that! Seriously, you know those days that you just feel like you really need a hug? I think today is one of those days...