That is how I feel today...blah about things. I don't really have a reason, well it could be sleep deprivation. I feel like I have trash talked my employer on here enough, although I have not even started when you get down to it. Anyway, as I am sitting here this morning, debating life over a hot cup of coffee, wondering where my happiness has gone. I feel like I have slipped into this funky depression, the only things that really make me happy right now is hockey (which is rapidly coming to an end) and doing projects around the house. Work, where I spend about 95% of my time these days, is just sucking all the life out of me.

I am so unhappy that today the words, graduate school came out of my mouth. Are things that bad that I feel I have to go to school?? ahh! I need an intervention on that!

Seriously, you know those days that you just feel like you really need a hug? I think today is one of those days...


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