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Happy or Merry?

Well today was not a happy holiday, nor was is a merry xmas...Today was frustrating, sad & far away from a good day. We are here alone with no family around. Last year we went to Texas for the holidays which was a wonderful time, and prior years we had gone up to my BIL to be with the kids and hang out for the day. Well for the last year he has been a selfish prick that is going through his own stuff and not realizing or caring that he is hurting his own family.

So today we sat at home. No family, no friends..just us. L was a mess today, very upset and crying. Nothing I could do would snap her out of her sadness today. I tried many times to get our out to go to a movie or something but she couldn't hardly go 5 min without crying.

To say that today was a very rough day is an understatement. I think next year I will try and send L down to TX to be with her sister. This was just too rough.