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Big Steps

So we are considering a pretty big move in the next 1-2 years. Nervous and excited..but ready to move on. I have discovered that I have a LOT of people that I know in Madison but not many are true friends or reasons NOT to leave.

Funny that one of the first things that we looked at was if there were hockey teams in the area..and to our surprise there are a few options there so that is exciting!

So big steps coming up for us soon…time to prepare and open up a new chapter.

My prayer

I am not the religious type, not a praying person. But today my brother left for overseas. He is a young 21 year old Marine & I am scared for him. Please keep him safe, keep him focused & bring him home so I have a chance to get to know him.

If it's not too much trouble please be with my other brother who is leaving to join the military- give him strength to get through it, I know it's hard, but for his new wife & child it will seem an eternity!

Is this a sign?

So I started a process in another law enforcement job and failed yet again…is this a sign? 

Do I finally hang up that hat once and for all? 

Seems like I have been fighting that for quite a few years now. Getting so close but then I end up failing …am I trying to push for something that was not supposed to be for me?

Do I just accept that sometimes you cannot fight what is supposed to be and trust that my path will show itself to me?

Is this my sign?