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Dreams that slip away

Ever have a moment where you feel like a dream is just slipping away from you?!

I have an awesome opportunity for a new job, one that I am excited about and is perfect for me. Except for the cut in pay I would have to take. I planned on a cut, would gladly take a cut for this. But the amount they would be asking is just too great. I am not willing to risk our financial future on this. It's a very difficult and painful reality that I am trying to accept to just walk away from something I would love to do.

We have tried to think if there is any way to pull it off, but it's just not possible. We are not just talking about a little bit of an adjustment, like 1/2 my current salary! Finally found a company that is awesome, with fantastic benefits and really wants to have me a part of their company and I have to just walk away.
Dream just slipping away...