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Today is historic

For the first time I can go anywhere in this great nation and get married if I want to. I no longer have to look to see who would let me, or worry if it will be accepted by my state. No longer do I have to worry how many tax returns we would have to file. Because I can get married. I can get married.
I don't know yet when or if we will pull the trigger on that. We have been together 15 years this year and things are wonderful. But, this will afford us protections and legal recognition that we have never had. That really does mean something.

As I was looking through my feed on facebook I noted I have two very different views on today. There are a majority of my friends that are excited and happy, that support love no matter what. And then there are the family members and former high school classmates that I see writing "sad, disappointing, disgusting, what a horrific decision" and it makes me very upset.
There is no more gay marriage, or same-sex marriage. We now have mar…