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Oh how time flies...

Things have been crazy since I last posted. Let's see if I can catch up...
Had major surgery in Aug, took about 2 months off work, crossfit and martial arts to recover. Switched karate schools, almost lost my Jersey to heart failure, paid off our cruise, hired a pet sitter for our cruise, avoided getting the flu and turned down a job that would have been a perfect match but didn't pay me enough.
How about that? Dealing with Jersey's health issues has been draining, expensive, emotional and exhausting. He requires medication on a schedule, does not like to take his medicine so we have to be very creative with him. It is just so hard to watch them go through these difficult stages in life. We did get a nice backpack so we can start taking him with us hiking which will be nice for the family.

Other than that life is just moving at a fast pace as usual...just trying to keep up.