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I decided to title this post broken because right now I feel like I have a broken spirit. Work has been stressing me out a lot, and next weekend we were having our formal function that I was asked to shoot the pictures for. Well today I found out that my work has found a way not to pay me for the event. Based on principle I told them they can stick it..their argument was that as a company they have some "rule" that will not allow an employee to benefit from such activities. Great argument, however, we have someone at work who's wife is our IT person on this not a violation of said rule? This benefits the one employee..I don't get it.
So, I am deeply disappointed by that, and have decided to forgo the event all together. It just so happens that my hockey team is having a jock auction that evening as well and now I am going to be able to go. I would rather hang out with my friends anyway!
With all that being said, it is just another thing at my job that is e…

Where has the time gone?!

That just made me feel like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean "why is the rum always gone?!" Seriously I don't know where the time went, moving has completely consumed my everyday life for about the last 3 weeks, however, it's all over now. Sometime this week I will head over to the apt to turn in the keys and kiss it goodbye, Friday we have to be gone. The cool thing is that on Sunday we cleaned the whole place so it's all done really..just have a TV to take to the house, but we didn't have a spot big enough at the moment so we figured that would give us a day or two. With that being said, the last week has been one of the most stressful I have had in a long time. I am disappointed in the vast amount of poor customer service individuals representing such major companies. Thanksgiving found us sitting in the living room of the new house, gathered around the TV for the football game. We were all sitting in any folding chair we could find. 1 plate shor…

The House

I really don't have time to post..its been too busy getting ready to move. Tomorrow morning we close at 9. Then everything is going to get busy, we have the Dish person, the TDS individual, and our refrigerator on the way. Hopefully before 10pm we can also get a kitchen table. Then we start moving on Thanksgiving. The realtor company was nice enough to include in our purchase a moving truck for free..all we have to do is put gas in it. To be honest, I have not slept well since Friday, eaten good in the last few days, or focused on anything in a week. My mind is racing too much and I have so much on mind right now. I will post more when things have settled down perhaps sat or Sunday. I am lucky enough to have some friends that want to help us out, for nothing in return but a little food. Since I am on call, I don't know how this will all work.. so of course I am stressing about that too!Can't believe in 12 hours I am going to be a homeowner!

Over a cup of coffee

So, this morning I sat at my computer with my cup of coffee, surfing various blogs and web sites,  as I always do in the morning. I read the deep thoughts and ramblings of people I know and complete strangers and wondered about their lives. I really wish I had the ability to convey my thoughts the way some of these people do. But I will have to settle for the style that I blog in.Anyway, I came across this article about a student hugging another one at school. Now, I know it was a while ago but I remember giving hugs to my friends all the time in high school. It was almost like passing notes, you just did that. Can you imagine just giving you friend a hug or holding hands with someone can get you punished?! Seriously, wtf is going on in the school system.Kids are not allowed to show any type of affection for each other now? Where are they going to learn this? I remember as a kid getting spanked with a paddle or belt, hugging my friends, holding hands down the hallway, it was part of b…

need some help

Does anyone have, or know of anyone giving away their Photoshop? I am in need of this and cannot afford the ridiculous price that it is set at.


i know..not a catchy title or anything. But something just occurred to me as I was packing for the big move. Since House died I have always, without question, had a picture frame with some things in it, my 3 medals from his race, and my shoes. Thankfully Loni has never given me a hard time about this. But, as I am dreaming of how I will arrange the new house I am not thinking of furniture or placement of "stuff" but of where I will hang these items in the new house.Strange how we think about things, even though those people are gone and the things that we have is just small reminders of who they were to us, what they meant, it's just things.Anyway, I think the hallway will be perfect, he would have liked the new house.

Whirlwind Life

Well, after our tour of homes on Sunday there was one that stood out above the others, so on Tuesday night we took Loni's mom through with our realtor. I wanted my dad to be able walk through with me but, in his absence another parent would do. Anyway, we decided to meet on Wed night and submit an offer on the house and give the seller 24 hours to decide. Wednesday night I could hardly sleep, I tossed and turned all night. I was scared he would take our offer, scared he would not, afraid that there wouldn't be another house like this! Thursday morning I got a phone call that he countered our offer, and if we accepted his counter, the house would be ours. So by 4pm yesterday, I bought a house! AHH!! We close on the house Nov 21 and move in on Thanksgiving day. Fortunately, I have some friends that are choosing to help us move that day so we can get it all done in 1 day. I am lucky to have such helpful folks in my life!I can't believe it, looking at a house, bidding and mov…