Whirlwind Life

 Well, after our tour of homes on Sunday there was one that stood out above the others, so on Tuesday night we took Loni's mom through with our realtor. I wanted my dad to be able walk through with me but, in his absence another parent would do.

Anyway, we decided to meet on Wed night and submit an offer on the house and give the seller 24 hours to decide. Wednesday night I could hardly sleep, I tossed and turned all night. I was scared he would take our offer, scared he would not, afraid that there wouldn't be another house like this! Thursday morning I got a phone call that he countered our offer, and if we accepted his counter, the house would be ours. So by 4pm yesterday, I bought a house! AHH!!

We close on the house Nov 21 and move in on Thanksgiving day. Fortunately, I have some friends that are choosing to help us move that day so we can get it all done in 1 day. I am lucky to have such helpful folks in my life!

I can't believe it, looking at a house, bidding and moving in within 3 weeks! That is just crazy!

I think it is only fitting that we are moving in on Thanksgiving. Growing up, turkey day was one of my favorite holidays. In the morning we would go to church, come home and get changed then head over to Grandma's house. Until our families grew so much we all ate in her basement. We had kids tables, adult tables, we had it all. Some of my best childhood memories were thanksgiving day and new years day, all with Grandma VK. Thanksgiving makes me think of her, her laugh, how much fun we had as a family..sometimes it makes me sad that we don't have that anymore. But, I am happy that I will have a new memory of this day, in a new house, with a different family this year. A family of friends.


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