It's been a while

I realized today that it has been a while since I have written anything on here so I thought I would catch up on the past few days.

Hockey has been awesome! I don't really know how to put it into words, it was a lifesaver for me. It has given me something to be a part of again, I didn't realize just how much I missed being an athlete. I find myself striving to be better..although I find myself striving for that in almost everything now days. It is extremely scary to try something new, to branch out from your comfort zone and put oneself out there. But the people I have meet are such wonderful individuals, folks I have probably seen over the years but never talked to before.

The house buying process is interesting, we looked at 6 homes on Sunday, only 1 or 2 decent ones. In fact I drove by 1 of them again tonight, just to get a feel in the dark. I actually like this one, but I don't want to make a rush decision and just like the one I saw first. So, by nature, my lack of decision making (the list method, show your friends method, call dad method) with either make me very happy by missing the houses I thought I loved, and getting the one that is supposed to be.

Things at work have been rougher (is that a word really??) than usual. I have now come to understand that there is truly no where for me to advance to within my job. It is so frustrating to go into work each day with a positive attitude ready to work, and subsequently be ignored for hours at a time. If it was not for 2 wonderful girls in the lab I would have left a long time ago. This has caused me so much anxiety when I go to work, I swear there are days I feel like I am having a heart attack! I just don't get other people enjoy making others feel unwelcome and un-needed?? That has been weighing on my mind more than anything lately, the house is a big thing in my life but I am at work 8 hours a day with some people that don't want me there.

Last and certainly not least, another sign of changing times in my parents journey to elderly. This was something that they had talked to me about prior to doing, however now that it's over, I lament the outcome. Sandy Pines, a nice summer resort that I spent every break from age 11-twenty something. A place that kids drove golf carts like they were BMWs, blaring our boom boxes (yes you heard that right..I know I just dated myself but what the hell) and living like the world was ours each day. I had my first kiss at SP as we liked to call it, had many other "firsts" out there, but I also saw how much my parents enjoyed it. They have worked hard in their 70 some  years of life and deserve to enjoy their retirement. So, as of Sunday they sold SP and will not return anymore. It's for the best, the weekends of raking leaves and mowing the lawn were wearing them down. They didn't need to be responsible for the condo, SP and the condo in Fl. But it is just another sign that my parents are aging. It's natural I know, but I can't help but think of what used to be and the road ahead.


Sleepy said…
Hi, surfed in by accident!

I know how you feel about 'SP'. I still can't drive past the house I grew up in and it's been 6 years since my Grandfather died!

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